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Dennis Schroeder's agent disputes Celtics' draft promise

There was an earlier report that the Celtics had made a draft promise to Dennis Schroeder at #16, but with the German point guard going to the Jazz at #14 in Chad Ford's latest mock and working out for teams ahead of Boston in the draft, that may be a moot point. It also may have never happened:

BUCKS BEAT: Schröder has eyes on first round

When the gifted young point guard from Germany was asked whether he was given a "promise" to be drafted in the first round of the June 27 NBA draft, he grinned and said, "Nobody has talked to me. ... I'm just hoping to go in the first round."

Schröder's agent, Alex Saratsis, tried to squelch the Schröder "promise" as well.

"I don't know where that came from," Saratsis said. "I don't know anything about that."

Rumors began to circulate at last month's pre-draft camp in Chicago that an NBA team "promised" it would select Schröder if he entered the draft. The team most frequently associated with the "promise" was Boston. The Celtics have the 16th overall pick.

You take all this information and mix it up with MacMullan's assertion that Paul Millsap was and is Danny's "Plan A" and you can still see Schroeder as part of the Celtics' blueprint for the future. If you've seen video of Schroeder, you can see why scouts have compared him to Rajon Rondo. They've got similar builds and similar games.

I can absolutely see a scenario where Utah picks Schroeder at #14 and does a sign-and-trade deal with Millsap for Rondo and the #16 pick. Maybe Danny didn't exactly "promise" that he'd draft Schroeder, but he may have intimated that he'll end up in Boston one way or another.

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