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Jason Terry gets knee scoped - fixes landing gear

Apparently the knee was bothering him some during the year.

bad landing gear
bad landing gear

Jason Terry had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee recently.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

The Celtics guard, who tweeted a picture of himself running on a treadmill in the Celtics' Waltham practice facility today, had an arthoscopic procedure to remove the plica from his left knee. The plica is described as an extension of the protective synovial capsule of the knee, and can become irritated, enlarged, or inflamed if caught between the patella and the femur. "I saw him today, and he looked great," said Celtics president Danny Ainge. "He's doing really well." Asked if the condition might have contributed to Terry's late-season performance, Ainge said, "I'm sure it was bothering him."

There's no way of knowing just how much of Jason Terry's struggles stemmed from this injury and how much of it was simply a deteriorating level of play. But perhaps there's some hope that a fully healthy Terry would be able to bounce back with a better year next year.

Jason Terry injury: Boston Celtics guard rehabbing after getting knee scoped |

For what it's worth, Terry has already established a goal for next season: "I have to get back to the Sixth Man of the Year form," he said after losing Game 6 to New York. He always has been an optimist.

In addition, it was confirmed that Terrence Williams had a minor procedure done. He got an injection for tendinitis.

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