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Celtics owners give interview, don't say much

Read between the lines all you like, but they were being very careful not to reveal too much.


Is it possible to have "all the answers" without saying anything? Wyc and Pags did their best!

Celtics have all the answers | Boston Herald

Q: Pierce and Garnett are foremost in a lot of people’s minds. What are the chances they come back? It sounds like, especially with Pierce, that the ball is in your court; you make the decision.

PAGLIUCA: Danny is evaluating that right now. Pierce is still a very good player. But Danny is looking at where the whole roster is, and that process in mid-June.

GROUSBECK: He’s never made a habit of talking about roster moves while they are in question or before they happen. We’ll figure it out when it happens.

Q: Are you privy to Kevin’s thinking?

GROUSBECK: I will say that we would love to have Kevin back. It’s his decision either way. I think he’ll miss it once he leaves the game, as we all will. We’d just love to see him back.

They also give a non-update on Doc Rivers and laud Rondo without giving any commitment to him long term.

So, stay tuned for mid-June! ...which is just days away actually.

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