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Ray Allen feels vindicated by trip to NBA Finals

Also feels sorry for Paul Pierce. it Ray.


So unfortunately the Pacers couldn't finish off the Heat and now they're starting the NBA Finals tonight. Which means we get to hear a whole lot more about LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Birdman, Haslem, Battier, Chalmers, and... there's one other guy, what's his name?

Oh yeah, Ray Allen.

Ray Allen said there's vindication in signing with Heat -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

“I knew when I assessed the situation at the time every player going into free agency wants to win and as you get older, you try to see everything," he said Wednesday. "You try to look at the situation a little bit closer. You step out on the limb every summer and a guy says, ‘am I going to go to this team or that team?’ For me, I guess there is a little bit of vindication because being here is where my whole hope was of doing last summer.”

Well then, the end justifies the means. Alright. Cool.

Oh yeah, and of course he's going to be asked 1,000 questions about the Celtics. He was asked if he felt sorry for Pierce.

Ray Allen on how his circumstances differed from Paul Pierce's: Pierce 'at the mercy' of Boston Celtics |

"Going back to my situation, last summer I had control," Allen said Wednesday at media day for the NBA Finals. "I had the ultimate choice to decide where my future was going to be and I didn't have to worry about what a team was going to decide to do with me. What team out there possibly was going to give me the option to be able to play and also at the same time, being able to win. I guess he is at the mercy of what the team wants to do."


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