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A Celtics slanted NBA Finals preview

Go Spurs!!!

I must break Bosh
I must break Bosh
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If you want balanced, insightful, intelligent analysis on the upcoming Finals, please check out SBNation's finest.

NBA Finals 2013: Key storylines to get you ready for Spurs vs. Heat -

This not only feels like a long series, it feels like it will be an epic long series, complete with subtle adjustments from two of the league's savviest coaches. Beyond the X's and O's, there are legacies on the line, from LeBron James' quest for a second ring to Tim Duncan's push to get one for the thumb.

Heat vs. Spurs Series Preview - Pounding The Rock

Most experts agree that the Spurs are a bad matchup for the Heat, because they have the type of selfless play and competent passers to pick apart the Heat's pressure defense. It's obvious that the good guys have the personnel to make the Heat pay when they trap or hedge too aggressively, but that doesn't mean it will be easy.

Containing Tony Parker, the Spurs and the pick-and-roll - Hot Hot Hoops

If you're Miami, you probably don't want to stray from your identity too much, but you also want to pay a lot of attention to detail with every move Parker makes. This also means precise rotations and well-timed traps are the only way to be effective against a team like this. In the WCF, Parker toyed with the Grizzlies at times, especially when they showed indecision in defending him in the pick-and-roll.

The Heat and bumps on the path toward dynasty -

The Heat have a huge test ahead in the Finals, and have to do it all over again next year to get that vaunted three-peat and the dynasty tag. As we've seen, a lot can potentially get in the way, no matter how talented your roster happens to be. That's what makes the designation special: it's really hard for even the best teams to accomplish.

There's even much more excellent material right here. If that's your thing.

Of course, if all you want to do is root against the Heat while smugly ironing your 17 replica banners, well, then CelticsBlog is the place for you!

GO SPURS!!! Spurs in 4.

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