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Shavlik Randolph gets vote of confidence from Danny Ainge

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Bulpett has some good quotes on the Celtics non-guaranteed guys.

Jared Wickerham

Ainge talked to Steve Bulpett concerning the non-guaranteed guys (plus Jordan Crawford). See link for all the quotes but I thought the one about Randolph was the most interesting.

Vets aren’t Danny Ainge’s only decisions | Boston Herald

“Shav helped us a lot,” said Ainge. “I think Shav is a good player. He’s a guy that will probably have the best chance of being with us in the future, just because he rebounds, and that was one of our weaknesses. “I think Shav would have played a bigger role in the playoffs had we gone further.”

I think they have no real long term confidence in Crawford and are probably a little ...gun shy (sorry, had to) with Terrence Williams. White is barely mentioned, which probably isn't good for him.