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Sullinger on his back: "it's completely fixed"

Jared Sullinger's fall in last summer's draft came out of concerns for the health of his back and luckily for the Celtics, they snatched him at #21. Although he missed most of his rookie season due to surgery, things looks optimistic for his return this fall.

Jared Wickerham

Marc D'Amico over at turned in a great piece, catching up with Jared Sullinger and his recovery from back surgery. Here's the clip worthy of 60 Minutes:

Sully's been pretty active in rehab, but he's also been in and around the Boston area doing volunteer work and raising money for The One Fund Boston. Jay King of and CelticsTown sat down with him at the Victory Programs' Revision Family Home in Dorchester:

"He tells me that all the time. He always, every time I score, says, 'Look at that fat boy scoring. I don't know how he scores,'" Sullinger said with a laughing. "But finally we were around each other, and it's mutual respect. I can understand that, but B-Doo, that's my guy. I have no complaints with him."

Laughing again while calling a recent workout "only five hours, nothing big," Sullinger is happy to be regaining his power.

"I'm finally working on my legs again," he said. "Before they had to protect it due to my back, so just getting a little bit of the leg strength back."

"I know there are still some doubts (Doo) has about me," he added, "so I'm working on that."

When he was drafted, Sullinger set Kevin Love as his bench mark for success and it's good to see that despite the back injury and surgery, he's still putting in the time to reach those goals. I can't wait to see what this kid can do with a clean bill of health and a healthy dose of minutes from Doc.

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