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We're WAITING - Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Danny Ainge at a standoff

You go ahead. -- No you first, I insist. -- Please, after you.


Raise your hand if you are tired of waiting for this stuff to get resolved. Ok, put your hand down because you might need your hands to scroll or click or type eventually. Besides, you look silly sitting at your computer with your hand raised.

Mark Murphy provides us with this insightful ... um, insight. (Words are hard to thesaurasize when you are lazy)

Doc Rivers stays silent, keeps eye on Ainge's decisions | Boston Herald

Ainge has become irritated by the Doc question — whether the coach, who started this by indicating he might not come back, is returning — but the man who can end this strange, silent vigil hasn’t said a word. Perhaps that’s because Rivers’ is anxiously split between two vigils of his own — the Ainge watch and the Kevin Garnett watch. Beyond whatever private considerations he might be contemplating, Rivers is waiting for Ainge to make two enormous, potentially era-changing decisions.

So lemme see if I've got this straight. Deep breath....

Danny would like to know if Doc is coming back but Doc wants to know what is going on with Kevin Garnett first but KG would sure like to play with his boy Paul Pierce who is waiting on word from Danny Ainge to see if he's still going to be a Celtic in July.

(gasps for breath)

Complicating matters is Garnett's health because while he was limping around like an 80 year old, he is not getting surgery while Pierce played in the playoffs like a guy that needed surgery but otherwise was solid all year and we had precious few moments to see the roster at full speed because soon after Bradley's return Rondo and Sully went down but both should be ok for next year and maybe all we need is to see the whole gang back together one more time.

(phew - gimme a sec - ok, I'm better now)

Murphy also opines about the influence Rondo may have on any of the above decisions. Danny's next move will say a lot about their feelings about Rondo as much as it does about any of the above. Do Doc and Danny trust Rondo enough to build a team around him? Do they fear a meltdown or some other kind of stubborn-headed detour by Rondo? If they take a step or two back in the standings, is Rondo going to be able to take that in stride (and should he)? Or is Rondo simply the best trade chip they have in order to truly kick-start the next chapter in this story?

I don't know. I don't have any answers, just more questions. So here's my quick review of my feelings on the situation...

I'm Waiting! (via Ben NCM)

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