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FanPost feedback request

How's my driving? Call 1-800-CELTBLG (note: not a real thing)


With the season over and the offseason still waiting to get underway, this is as good a time as any to revisit some things on the blog. Today I'd like to focus on FanPosts.

A while back I introduced something called "FanPost Fridays" where once a week we would promote the best FanPosts onto the front page either through a group or by adding them to the cover or both.

The nice thing about doing it once a week was the fact that it was regularly scheduled so you pretty much knew it was coming and it could be a nice way to promote your content and give it time in the sun.

The downsides (as far as I've been able to tell) are as follows. Your best material doesn't always fall on a Friday and so sometimes good stuff sat dormant until I looked and found it several days later. Also, sometimes Fridays are booked solid and there's just not a lot of room at the top of the blog for FanPosts. Finally, I'm fallible and sometimes I just didn't remember or put it up too late.

So maybe instead of FanPost Friday we should just have a group called Featured FanPosts that could be promoted anytime. Also, you folks can help me out a LOT by clicking the "rec" button on stuff that you like and think is worthy of promotion. And of course, get writing!

I'm looking for article-style posts (at least 3 paragraphs) that make a solid attempt at making a point or stating an opinion. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare (or MacMullan if you prefer). Just your best attempt to be a blogger and make your voice heard. Three liner trade ideas and other quick hit thoughts are probably better suited for the Forums. Also, if you have just a video or link that you want to share, don't forget about the FanShots.

So I'll leave this open and request your honest feedback. How else can we make FanPosts better? The idea, after all, is to give you the chance to blog.


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