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Ainge to DH12's reps: would Dwight be interested in a sign-and-trade [CLICK]

After introducing newest rookies #37 Colton Iverson and #41 Kelly Olynyk, Danny Ainge fielded questions about the roster, trade rumors, and future moves.

We drafted another guy known for his hair, not this guy.
We drafted another guy known for his hair, not this guy.

Here are the highlights from Twitter:

To recap, Ainge seems cautiously optimistic about Olynyk, is looking to trim the fat off the roster before adding FA's, and is not looking to deal the remaining members of the starting five. If I'm Danny, the directive next season is to see what we have moving forward. I bench Gerald Wallace and his $30+ million contract. I make Kris Humphries and Keith Bogans carry the rookies' bags.

Run these ten youngsters into the ground:

GUARDS: Rondo, Bradley, Crawford, Lee

FORWARDS: Green, Sullinger, Brooks, Bass

CENTERS: Olynyk, Melo

Whoever's left standing survives year one of the rebuild.

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