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Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets Summer League: Live Game Notes

Phil Pressey dominated the first half.
Phil Pressey dominated the first half.
Ed Zurga

This article was updated live during the Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets summer league game starting at about 3PM today. These are raw game notes aimed towards those that would like to go back and check out key moments or those that were unable to watch the game.

Boston Celtics

  • Starting Lineup
    C: Colton Iverson
    PF: Kelly Olynyk
    SF: Tim Abromaitis
    SG: Courtney Fells
    PG: Phil Pressey
  • Celtics trail 24-17 after one quarter. Not a lot of talking out there on defense compared to the past few games. Houston's experience and length has been a problem for Boston with five legitimate offensive rebounds already.
  • Boston is getting beat up the floor in the 2nd quarter. Houston leads 39-23 with five minutes to go in the half.
  • Boston stepped up their energy and ended the half with a 17-4 run. They are down 43-40.
  • Interesting lineup in the third quarter: Melo, Iverson, Olynyk, Abromaitis, and Pressey.
  • Celtics trailer 67-56 after three...slow quarter. It wasn't very fun to watch because of the amount of cheap whistles being blown.
  • Boston Celtics fight hard but lose 85-78.

Kelly Olynyk

  • Olynyk beats everyone up the floor and finishes at the basket with his left hand. (8:00 1st)
  • Bad pass to Tim Abromaitis who was cutting underneath the basket. Olynyk thought he was staying in the corner. (7:55 1st)
  • Olynyk's lack of length and strength shows when going for a rebound after a missed free throw. He got pushed in the back and wasn't able to grab the board because of his short arms. (7:35 1st)
  • Gorgeous defense on Terrence Jones. Jones drove to his right, faded, and Olynyk got a hand on the ball for a tip/block. (6:55 1st)
  • Draws a foul with a pump fake from the free throw line. It looked a lot like a veteran move to me. (6:35 1st)
  • Gets outrebounded again because of his short arms, looked like he missed on the box out too. (6:00 1st)
  • Couldn't dribble past Terrence Jones and misses on his bounce pass to Fab Melo. (5:00 1st)
  • Olynyk's straightline speed is impressive. Rushes up the floor for a basket in transition. (4:45 1st)
  • Good help defense after someone else (Eli Holman?) got beat but Olynyk's man ended up scoring. (8:00 2nd)
  • Looked like he was going to take off with a jump shot but instead passed it to cutting Tony Mitchell underneath the basket. They seem to have some nice chemistry going on together. (7:30 2nd)
  • Called for a travel after pump faking on a three-pointer. Good call. (6:14 2nd)
  • Terrence Jones took Olynyk to his right and drew a foul. Olynyk's too slow. (6:05 2nd)
  • Two dribbles to his left from behind the arc....spin to his right, fadeaway off the right foot. Drills the shot from the right elbow. Amazing footwork. (3:10 2nd)
  • Good job by Olynyk and Iverson to battle on the offensive boards. Olynyk finishes the play. (7:30 3rd)
  • If you've played the game knockout, Kelly Olynyk just sent Tim Abromaitis to "zero" after an o-rebound and putback. (6:10 3rd)
  • Great pass to Lawrence Hill but Hill didn't finish the play. (5:45 3rd)
  • Attempted a three-pointer from the top of the arc. Like the announcer said, he looked fatigued. No legs, all arms on the shot. (4:30 3rd)
  • Olynyk is playing center on a small lineup and looked pretty good when put into the pick-and-roll. better than most of the time at Gonzaga. (8:00 4th)
  • Misses his rotation when Vander Blue was driving to the basket...Blue had a lane like it was an open gym. (3:40 4th)
  • Olynyk grabs the offensive rebound and puts it back with a layup. Huge play. (2:00 4th)
  • Awesome. Gets the ball from the right block and goes to his right hand to score. Then on the other end he took a charge to the chest from Jones. (1:00 4th)

Phil Pressey

  • Tough defense to start the game but gets called for a foul on the drive. (9:20 1st)
  • Nice floater with the left hand inside the land. Very impressive. (8:45 1st)
  • Gorgeous pass off the dribble to Kelly Olynyk in transition. (8:00 1st)
  • Good job driving and dishing out to the perimeter to an open Tim Abromaitis. (7:00 1st)
  • Has consistently shown nice lateral speed when defending opposing point guards. (6:30 1st)
  • Absolutely incredible touch pass to Kelly Olynyk after a HARD close out on the defensive end. Amazing. (4:45 1st)
  • Passes the ball to Kelly Olynyk on the low post but misses him high. Turnover. (4:10 2nd)
  • Picks Ware's pocket while he attempted a pass and then draws a foul in transition. (2:46 2nd)
  • Got switched to a big and immediately called it out to his teammate so he was aware of the switch. (2:30 2nd)
  • No-look pass to Lawrence Hill, who was cutting underneath the basket. Great. (1:45 2nd)
  • Amazing pass off the dribble to Fab Melo. Melo immediately got fouled and is going to the line. (0:50 2nd)
  • Displayed pretty good point guard instincts "pulling out" on a 2 on 4 in transition...but then he took a bad 18-foot jumper with a lot of time left on the shot clock. (0:30 2nd)
  • Pressey pulls up from 18-feet and hits a jumper. Good form. (7:00 3rd)
  • Another no-look pass, his third of the game, this time with the left hand to Tim Abromaitis. (5:30 3rd)
  • Speed, speed, speed. After a turnover, Pressey hustles up the court to pressure the defense with his dribble. (4:34 3rd)
  • I love his defense. Got called for a reach-in (rightfully so) but he was close to forcing a jump ball. (6:40 4th)
  • Beautiful alley-oop pass to Courtney Fells in transition. (1:30 4th)
  • Bad play...dribbled underneath the rim then I'm not so sure what happened. It looked like he attempted a no-look pass but it wasn't necessary at all. (1:20 4th)

Colton Iverson

  • Hard to see from the angle on TV but he picked up a nice offensive rebound after a missed free throw. (8:00 1st)
  • Played hard defense on the post against Greg Smith...not sure if the foul was given to him though. I hope not. (7:35 1st)
  • Battled hard on the offensive boards even though he didn't get the ball. Good to see that intensity. (7:00 2nd)
  • Finishes strong at the rim with a dunk after a pick-and-roll from the left baseline. A+. (5:03 2nd)
  • Colton Iverson is constantly talking on defense. For a guy that has spent less than a week with the team this is amazing to see. Leadership is nice to have. (4:45 2nd)
  • Wow, Colton Iverson was just called for a terrible foul when defending Greg Smith on the defensive end...what the...? As far as I'm concerned that was awesome defense. Good thing I'm not a coach because I'd be screaming at the ref. (9:43 3rd)
  • This is frustrating. Colton just played awesome post defense (again) on Greg Smith and was called for another foul. (9:00 3rd)
  • Good job by Iverson and Olynyk battling on the offensive board. (7:30 3rd)
  • Iverson gets called for another ticky-tack foul, this time on the offensive end. (6:45 3rd)
  • Wow, great offensive rebound but then he got the ball ripped after he put it on the floor. He's so much like Perk on the boards. (9:30 4th)

Fab Melo

  • Pretty solid defense on a drive to the basket, moved his feet well and it looked like he got his hand on the ball for a block or tip out of bounds. (2:30 1st)
  • Cheap foul called on Fab when defending on the post. What's going on with that? Let them play. (2:35 1st)
  • Nice defense on Vander Blue even though he was called for a hack. I like the aggressiveness and he didn't let him blow past him (like he would've last season). (2:28 1st)
  • Fab Melo embarrassingly missed his box out and allowed an offensive rebound. (1:00 2nd)

Tony Mitchell

  • I know a lot of players have different shooting strokes by Mitchell commits one of the mistakes that I used to do with my jump shot and that's a "body turn." Take notice when he elevates from three-point range...the left side of his body seems to turn backwards. I have found that this takes away power and accuracy from your shot. Every little movement can add to something mechanical going wrong. I believe this might be what's holding him back from being a better jump shooter because his follow-through looks good to me. (1:30 1st)
  • Misses a tough layup from a couple feet away but follows up his shot with a tip-in. He missed, but nice to see his athleticism show up. (0:30 1st)
  • Great cut on the baseline and finished the play after getting a pass from Olynyk. (7:30 2nd)
  • Tony with some nice weakside help for a block, but a foul was called on Olynyk before the play. (4:51 4th)

Tim Abromaitis

  • Tim has had a great half for the Celtics. He has very little chance at making this team but he has played very good defense and has picked up a few steals because of his awareness and active hands.

Jayson Granger

  • At this point I am convinced he is a true shooting guard on the offensive end of the floor. Defensively, he's a combo, but it's disappointing he has less point guard skills than I expected.
  • Great press defense that almost forced a turnover...later in the possession he did force one with a steal. (0:30 3rd)

Courtney Fells

  • Has played terrific defense all game long. Not one moment to specify.
  • Finishes an alley-oop dunk on a pass from Pressey. (1:40 4th)

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