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Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic Summer League: Live Game Thread and Notes

Kyle O'Quinn (Orlando) was talking major trash to Fab Melo on Sunday. Will Fab respond today?
Kyle O'Quinn (Orlando) was talking major trash to Fab Melo on Sunday. Will Fab respond today?
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This article was updated live during the Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic summer league game on Friday, July 12. These are raw game notes aimed towards those that would like to go back and check out key moments or those that were unable to watch the game.

Boston Celtics

  • Starting Lineup
    C: Fab Melo
    PF: Kelly Olynyk
    SF: Tony Mitchell
    SG: Courtney Fells
    PG: Phil Pressey
  • No Moe Harkless, Tobias Harris, Kyle O'Quinn, or Victor Oladipo for he Orlando Magic today. Pretty disappointing because it would've been a pretty great matchup had they played.
  • What a terrific first half by the Boston Celtics, they lead 61-36 at the half.
  • The Magic made a strong run in the third quarter but the Celtics came out strong in the 4th to push the lead back to 12.
  • Celtics win 102-83.

Fab Melo

  • Solid post move by Fab Melo. Two dribbles with the left hand before going back to his right and drawing a foul. He went 2-for-2 from the line and had nice form on his shot. (8:59 1st)
  • Crashes the offensive boards and got a rebound but made a bad shot attempt and got blocked. (7:10 1st)
  • Bad close out defense on Andrew Nicholson. I'm not sure why he gave him so much space in the first place. (4:45 2nd)
  • Awesome. Fab received a pass underneath the rim and quickly went up for a dunk. He wasted no time at all before making his move. (4:00 2nd)
  • Melo was called for a travel after a pump fake...not so sure on the call. His legs were blocked out on the TV broadcast. (3:35 2nd)
  • Oh, Fab, that's what I'm talking about. Received a pass down low in the paint, spun to his right and displayed the hook shot he has worked very hard it. (8:40 3rd)
  • Fab is doing it again offensively. Nice basket inside.
  • Melo blocked a shot, great length and instincts. (7:15 3rd)
  • Melo with a dunk! His second of the day, very impressive. (9:00 4th)
  • ...and there's the bad Fab showing up with a pretty terrible turnover. (8:30 4th)

Kelly Olynyk

  • Great pick-and-pop with Phil Pressey. Olynyk threw a solid screen and then rolled right into his shot, hitting it from 18-feet. (8:20 1st)
  • Ran the floor after a turnover and did a fantastic job of getting in the proper lane for an easy layup in transtion. (6:30 1st)
  • Kelly Olynyk got out-rebounded by Berggren because of his lack of length. Berggren just skied over him. (6:20 1st)
  • Olynyk had pretty solid lateral quickness on a drive by Orlando. They scored, but the defense was there. (3:45 1st)
  • Two great plays from Kelly Olynyk. Gets into perfect positioning for an offensive rebound and then makes a very quick pass to Fab Melo. (3:20 2nd)
  • Great job establishing good positioning on the lost post and finishing the play with a layup and-one. (1:55 2nd)
  • Olynyk's instincts are off the charts. Iverson grabbed an offensive rebound and Olynyk quickly made a cut to the basket. Iverson fed him and Olynyk finished the play. (0:45 2nd)
  • Again, Olynyk makes a cut right down the middle of the lane and finishes the play with a layup. Great little pass from Phil Pressey, too. (0:10 2nd)
  • Good pass to Tony Mitchell, who was open in the corner. (9:30 3rd)
  • Olynyk made an awesome outlet pass to Tony Mitchell. There's nothing more impressive than a big that can pass. (8:00 3rd)
  • Olynyk! Playing awesome defense and then outran everyone up the court for a dunk. (7:15 3rd)

Phil Pressey

  • Had a one-on-one fastbreak and didn't drive hard to the rim. He took a few looks back to see if he had a trailer but should've just went for a layup. (7:45 1st)
  • Bad turnover, could've had a layup but opted to pass. (5:20 1st)
  • Missed his jump shot but quickly reacted and tracked down the rebound. (6:00 2nd)
  • Dribble penetration into a pass to Courtney Fells, who was open on the perimeter. Good instincts and vision. (3:25 2nd)
  • Nice little floater from inside the paint. He seems to have that shot down pretty well. (2:45 2nd)
  • Beautiful entry pass to Kelly Olynyk, who had perfect positioning on the low post. (1:55 2nd)
  • Wow, Pressey just broke down the defender with his dribble, penetrated to the basket and dished out a perfect pass to Courtney Fells, who was open from the corner. Awesome. (0:30)
  • With only 15-seconds left in the half, I thought Pressey took a little too long to get the play going and he ended up dribbling into double coverage...however Kelly Olynyk bailed him out by making a perfect cut down the basket. I think Pressey knew Olynyk was going to roll, so it turned out to be a great play. (0:15 2nd)
  • Awesome pass by Phil Pressey to get the ball to a cutting Tony Mitchell. (5:40 4th)
  • Pick-pockets the ball handler from behind and quickly pushes the ball up the court to Mitchell. (5:30 4th)
  • Pressey knows how to push the pace. Runs the floor hard and then dishes it out to Iverson, who was trailing behind the play. (3:30 4th)

Colton Iverson

  • Turnover on an outlet pass. (4:40 1st)
  • Good fundamental defense even though nothing came of it. Kept his hands up when his mand had the ball on the post. Always keep your hands up on defense, kids. (2:45 1st)

Tony Mitchell

  • Got beat on a drive to the basket from the baseline...I think he expected backside help but it wasn't there. (5:30 1st)
  • Went for a huge dunk in transition but got stopped mid-air by Kelly Olynyk. Yes, Olynyk. (5:07 1st)
  • Great jumper from 17-feet off a Colton Iverson pick. I want to see more of this. (4:25 1st)
  • Very nice play by Tony Mitchell to get a steal off an inbounds pass. Clear-path foul called. (6:00 3rd)
  • Great cut to the basket when Pressey penetrated underneath the rim. (5:40 4th)
  • Good job running the floor and getting ahead of the defense to get an easy basket in transition. (5:30 4th)

Courtney Fells

  • Fantastic advance pass to Mitchell in transition. Great awareness and a perfect pass. (5:10 1st)
  • Great hustle by Courtney Fells to force a jump ball. Dove to the floor to make the play. (6:30 3rd)
  • Hard dunk in transition. (7:30 4th)

Jayson Granger

  • Jayson just attempted a half court pass to the baseline for some weird reason. Again, this is a shooting guard playing out of position. I don't believe he has point guard instincts on the offensive end. (2:40 1st)
  • Hmm. Great play by Granger to dribble underneath the basket and swing it outside. He drew the attention of the entire defense and made a play. GOod. (8:20 2nd)
  • And again..he just drove to the basket and made a nice pass out to the perimeter. Make me eat my words, Jayson. (7:45 2nd)
  • ...and now he hit a three-ball. Great form on the shot. (7:15 2nd)

Omar Reed

  • Nice to see him taking advantage of his opportunity to play today. He has hit two three-pointers and had a beautiful finger roll at the basket. (7:00 2nd)

Lawrence Hill

  • Hill is balling. 4-of-7 from the field, 3-of-5 from three...with four assists too.

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