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Introductory press conference on Monday for "new Celtics players," but who will they be?

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry will be introduced in Brooklyn on Thursday. Owner Mikail Prokhorov said that "the basketball gods smiled on the Nets" with the addition of their new vet talent. In Boston, the story is a little different and it could still be changing.


Smart for Souza to pick up on this (and our friends at CelticsHub). If there are trades to be made over the weekend, who could Danny be targeting? Here are a couple of guesses:

Omer Asik: The Celtics are deep at the center position with Fab Melo, Kelly Olynyk, and possibly Shavlik Randolph manning the 5, but could they flip Kris Humphries expiring contract or even Gerald Wallace for the 27-year-old center from Turkey? Houston got their man in Dwight Howard, but they could use a veteran presence on the front line. Asik has made some public comments that he wants to be dealt, but so far, the Rockets have spurned his requests.

Amare Stoudemire: This seems unthinkable, because Stoudemire's contract is probably the most untradeable piece of paper in the NBA right now, but it could make sense for both teams. Humphries has always been a solid rebounder and with guys like J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, and now Andrea Bargnani chucking up shots from the perimeter, a guy that wants to bang in the paint is somebody they might be interested in, especially for one year. Wallace eases the defensive load on Carmelo on nights where they have to go up against the LeBrons and Durants of the world. For the Celtics, the appeal isn't as luring. The Knicks have said that Amare will be on a twenty minute restriction next season, but for the Celtics, that could work out great. There's going to be a push to play the young players and an over-priced vet off the bench wouldn't hamper their development. Stoudemire would undoubtedly pick up the final year of his deal, but by then, it could be a useful expiring contract to trade.

Kendrick Perkins: There have been rumblings that OKC was looking to amnesty Perk this summer, but that doesn't seem to be happening now. Instead, why not flip him for Humphries? It cuts the remaining two seasons of Perk's contract in half and gives the contending team an open slot for next year. Sam Presti has never been shy about tinkering with his team and thinking of the future (see James Harden). For the Celtics, it's a no brainer. Perk and Rondo are good friends and come on, can you imagine Kendrick back in green?! By all accounts, the remaining C's have kept Ubuntu alive this off-season, but adding KP would give the team back its grit and balls.

Here's A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE suggesting that Wallace and Humphries are on the block:

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