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Humphries, Brooks, and Bogans introduced as newest Celtics

The press conference felt like the waiting room at the dentist. You know you have to do it and you just hope that it's as painless and quick as possible.


In classic GM-speak, Danny says he expects the former Nets to be here on opening day, but because of the overabundance of guaranteed contracts, he clarifies that changes need to be made. Of the three that showed, only Marshon Brooks showing off his green socks and sporting a green tie looked excited at the prospect of joining the Celtics. Danny joked that he should have never traded Brooks away and pointed to Marshon's rookie numbers (12.6 points in 29.4 minutes per game) as a sign of his talent and potential. Brooks joins a loaded back court, but if he can show something this season, picking up his team option next year on the rookie scale is a no-brainer.

With Humphries, he seemed almost happy to play the villain even though he's now in Celtic green. He joked about his tussle with Rondo last season and mocked the idea that everybody was talking in cliches. Seriously dude, #43? Perk's jersey isn't exactly going to get retired in the Garden, but you don't pick such a beloved player's number. It's either extremely stupid or deliberately offensive. [As some readers have noted, #43 has been Kris' number for his entire career. Honestly, I don't care. I'd rather he pick the #12, so he's constantly advertising how much his expiring contract is worth. Instead of a guy looking at this trade as an opportunity, he made a farce of the entire thing. Danny, get rid of this guy.]

I have to say that for some reason, I'm a little enamored with Keith Bogans now. He was considered a thrown-in in the trade just to make the numbers work--a very well paid throw-in at that--but his demeanor today as a grizzled vet looking to come in and act as a mentor and coach to the younger guys is something that the locker room could use with KG and Pierce in Brooklyn now. Like Courtney Lee, he's considered a 3 & D guy, but at this point in his career and the current plans of the C's, leadership might be his best value to this team.

Ainge got really choked up when asked about the difficulty in sending Pierce and Garnett to the Nets. He said that if it was his decision, their numbers will no doubt be hanging in the rafters. In a practically meaningless press conference, that might have been the most honest and true sentiment of the day.

NOTE: Gerald Wallace couldn't attend because of a prior commitment to his basketball camp in Alabama. Ainge mentioned that the team wasn't sure what to do with Kris Joseph. Joseph has a non-guaranteed contract and with Phil Pressey and Colton Iverson performing well in summer league, KJ could be one of the first players cut.

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