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A brief note to the CelticsBlog community

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me."


Huddle up people. Bring it in here. You've heard of players-only meetings. Let's have ourselves a fans only meeting. Players, coaches, and white haired GMs not allowed.

Listen, this has been a hard couple of weeks for everyone. From the unknowns about Doc Rivers to the whole Clippers fiasco to the floodgates opening and finally the draft night demolition trade. Emotionally this has been draining. Intellectually it has been straining. It isn't going to get any easier either. So obviously it is going to be difficult to keep our composure at times.

I'm guilty of it occasionally too. I can get short with people or downright rude when I'm not careful. I apologize for that and take it very seriously. We are all human. That is a big reason why we try to show grace whenever possible. When tensions get high, it is easy to snap at each other or retort to some slight that you feel.

Just understand that we are also trying to run a family friendly, welcoming blog atmosphere here. For one thing, I want this blog to reflect the values that are important to me. For another thing, I care about all of you and I want you to have a great experience here.

We have rules and guidelines here for a specific purpose - to keep things from getting out of hand. All you have to do is find some comments section on YouTube or ESPN or CNN to see what can happen in an unmoderated comments section or forum. So don't be too insulted if you get a "warning" through the system (in some cases it is only meant as a gentle warning - our system is somewhat limited in the way it delivers messages).

These values that I have are certainly not new or controversial. The Golden Rule has been around forever. Treat others as you would have them treat you. Respect each other. Period. And if you feel like you've been disrespected, flag the post, tell a moderator, and let us do our job.

Now also please understand, this note is a little bit of an overreaction to a few snippy posts in recent days. But it is also intended to be a preemptive measure. I know that it is going to get harder before it gets easier to follow this team. We are in for a long summer and perhaps an even longer season after that. But what is going to make it all bearable is this community right here.

We are Celtics fans. We are Celtics. The players and coaches are going to come and go, but we will always be here for each other. We wear the same colors, we have the same discussions, we come to the same blogs and we walk through this life together. The more we love each other, the more enriching this whole experience will be for all of us.


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