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El Hombre Indestructible - Vitor Faverani scouting reports

I like him already. If all he gives us is that nickname, his career will still be a success.


Who is Vitor Faverani? We can't really know until we get him in a Celtic uniform and watch him running up and down the court so we have to rely on what scouts and NBA scribes write about him. Here's the quick and dirty version:

The good news:

  • He's big. 6'11 and 260 lbs. is legit big man size.
  • Jay Bilas wasn't available tor comment but Draft Express says that he has "a great frame, an nice wingspan and very good athleticism."
  • He already has an amazing nickname: El Hombre Indestructible
  • As you can tell from this nickname, he isn't afraid to mix it up in the paint.
  • He's got a good jump shot. He even takes some shots out to 3 point range (with limited success).
  • He's good in transition, in particular running up the center of the floor.
  • He's good on pick and roll defense and can block shots from the weak side.
  • He's a "decent" passer from the block.

The bad news:

  • He's struggled with injuries and immaturity, which are reasons why he wasn't drafted when he was eligible in 2009.
  • He's not a very good defender on the post.
  • He's not a very good rebounder either.
  • Even though his skill is on offense, he's still considered "raw" there.
  • Below are a couple of good links with sample quotes but I encourage you to check out the articles themselves for a more complete profile.

NBA scouts give their take on Celtics' new center, Vitor Faverani -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"He was not drafted because he was very immature and did not take the game seriously," said an Eastern Conference scout who said he spent considerable time scouting Faverani. "He could not be trusted. He has done a lot of growing up, both on and off the floor, and has turned the corner, so to speak." In terms of how Faverani fits in with the Celtics, the scout said, "I can see him as a pick-and-pop big, offensively. Where he fits defensively and being a consistent rebounder will be the key."

Vitor Faverani brings size, intrigue to Boston Celtics - ESPN Boston

Teams quickly will identify that he thrives around the right blocks and likes to run the middle of the floor in transition and off the pick-and-roll. He'll have to prove he can finish as effectively against NBA back lines that will be bigger and more physical than what he's seen overseas. The bigger question mark is whether Faverani can elevate his defensive play in the NBA.

My initial reaction to the Celtics adding a big man prospect was assuming that he would be a Melo replacement. He might yet be, but his skillset sounds more like Brandon Bass than Fab Melo. Ainge loves his big men that can shoot (see Olynyk) and you can't teach size. So it will be interesting to see how El Hombre develops.

What are your impressions? What are your expectations of him?

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