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Phil Pressey's contract is guaranteed for year one

Write his name on the roster with ink.


In case anyone was curious (I know I was) Phil Pressey's contract is fully guaranteed for the first year with two un-guaranteed years following that.

Keep in mind that summer league standout Dionte Christmas got a partially guaranteed deal last year and then was cut before the season. This fully guaranteed deal makes it a lot harder to waive him.

Pressey's contract in focus - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston\

The first season is fully guaranteed, all but assuring that Pressey will make the opening day roster unless the hard-capped Celtics eat his $490,180 rookie salary (an unlikely scenario). Given the uncertainty of whether Rajon Rondo will be ready for opening night, it makes sense for Boston to have another pure ball-handler on its roster.

Not bad for a guy that went undrafted. With Iverson talking Turkey, the Celtics will have 3 rookies on the roster (counting Vitor Faverani but not counting Fab Melo, who only seems like a long term rookie).

It works out nicely for the Celtics too since they didn't have to burn (or buy) a draft pick to add the backup point guard that they've needed for a long time. Plus the contract is super cheap and if the kid turns out to be a gem, he's under contract for less than a million for each of the following two years.

I still expect the Celtics to move a shooting guard to trim down the overcrowded backcourt and it would be nice if they did it in time to save Shav. But I think it is entirely possible that they could simply take their chances on guaranteeing Shavlik's deal, trusting that they could at least dump Crawford on someone before the end of training camp. But we'll see.

Each of these moves may seem minor, but they mean a lot to Celtics nerds like me and you (hey, you reached the end of this post, you qualify too).

Anyway, it will be interesting seeing Pressy play against NBA competition next year. So far I like the kid a lot.

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