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Doubles and triples - open thread on rotations

Who on the roster makes sense to play with each other?


It remains to be seen if this is the final roster heading into next year and there certainly will be changes over the coming year, but I thought it would be fun to start a topic on rotations. Coach Stevens is a big fan of "doubles and triples" which is stat-speak for combinations of guys that produce good results regardless of the other guys on the court. Not necessarily who starts, but who plays with who at different points in the game.

In a recent interview on WEEI Stevens was coy about who he likes together on the team, so I figured we could discuss among ourselves.

For me the one that pops off the page that I'm looking forward to seeing is the inside-outside combo of Sullinger and Olynyk. Doesn't really matter who plays "center" and who plays "power forward" since Olynyk will be the guy roaming the high post and Sullinger will be getting his nose dirty down low. Sub in Humphries for Sullinger and you'd likely get some of the same effect. Or (based on scouting reports) you could sub in Vitor for Olynyk at the high post. Doc tried pairing Bass with Sully at times last year but the lack of height in that combination was limiting.

How about guards? I'd like to see what Rondo and Bradley can do together. I kind of worry about what kinds of stares Brooks and Crawford will get from Rondo when they jack up shots with reckless abandon. I would like to see more of Lee and Rondo together too, since Lee's shooting could (in theory) space the floor.

Jeff Green had his best months after Rondo went out for the year. I assume that is a coincidence but you never know. My best guess is that without Rondo, the team needed someone to grow into an expanded role and Green stepped up. With Rondo playing and Pierce and Garnett still getting a lot of touches, Green was not called upon as much (though I think he got more aggressive/confident as the year progressed as well). Now Green will be a focal point and I can only guess that Rondo and Stevens will find the best ways to utilize his Swiss Army Knife of talents.

Gerald Wallace, if last year is any indication, is not a good shooter, so it might be hard putting him on the court with guys like Rondo and Bradley. He might be a better fit with Courtney Lee and maybe make sure that Olynyk is on the court as well.

Another note: I was discussing this with Jay King on twitter the other day, and he pointed me to some stats of 3 man combinations from the team last year. Taking out all the combos that included Pierce and Garnett and Terry, you'll see most of the most efficient "triples" included Brandon Bass. Something to keep in mind going forward.

Those are just a few thoughts. Please share your own in the comments.

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