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Kelly Olynyk suffering from plantar fasciitis, will sit out Canadian SMNT training camp

Kelly Olynyk was named to the Canadian Senior Men's National Team, but due to injury, he'll sit out training camp with plantar fasciitis.

William Mancebo

This is something to definitely look out for during Kelly's first season in Boston and his career going forward. Plantar fasciitis is no joke; it affects players young and old and there isn't a quick fix or surgery that can cure the foot ailment forever. Celtics fans can remember how it hampered Greg Stiemsma two years ago and Shaquille O'Neal later in his career. I wish KG was still around so that he could not only mentor KO in the Celtic Way, but I'm sure there are a few yoga poses that could relieve stress in Olynyk's feet.

On the bright side, Olynyk is one of the bright stars ushering in what Steve Nash calls "the golden age of Canadian basketball." With Anthony Bennett going #1 in the draft this year and Andrew Wiggins expected to be near the top next summer, Kelly joins an elite group of players from north of the border.

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