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Colton Iverson will rebound and work his tail off

That's pretty much the scouting report.


When the Celtics drafted two seven footers, I thought "great, finally some depth at center." Then Ainge announced that he thought of Olynyk as a stretch 4 and a rumor started that Colton Iverson would likely spend next year overseas. So I was right back to imagining a Fab Melo vs. Shavlik Randolph training camp battle for the starting center position. Maybe that hasn't changed, but at least it sounds like Iverson will be sticking around (and I'm sure Olynyk can play some center if need be).

If you missed this scouting report post Kevin put up on draft night, don't feel bad, there was a lot going on that night. But here's a brief look at him.

Boston Celtics Draft Colton Iverson & Sign Lamont Jones - CelticsBlog

Colton Iverson had a lot of success in college because he is absolutely massive. Standing at 7'0" and weighing in at 263 pounds, Iverson will immediately have the body and strength to compete in the NBA. He only has very basic most moves, so what worked in college won't exactly translate right away to the NBA. Either way, a late second round pick in a pretty weak draft isn't supposed to net you the next Shaquille O'Neal. Iverson is a guy that can be your fifth offensive weapon on the floor and occasionally get second chance opportunities with dunks.

(Note: there's more there but I'm gonna make you click the link - I know, such a pain)

I like the sound of this kid already. I'll take a huge guy who works really, really hard over a more talented tweener (all other things being equal). Working hard appears to be his number one talent.

Danny Ainge, NBA talent evaluator rave about Colton Iverson's intensity |

One NBA talent evaluator who spent time scouting Iverson said he "certainly liked him." "I don't know how good an NBA player he will be but I would not be inclined to sleep on him, if only because I think that (expletive) plays his (expletive) off every play," he said. While noting that Iverson isn't "a rim-protecting presence defensively," he continued: "But as far as bangers go I like him because I think not only does he have the disposition for it, his game reflects it."

Sounds like he was a big Kevin Garnett fan and I'd bet KG would have liked this kid because of that work ethic. Oh well.

Bonus: If you like stats, here's some.

Second-round pick Colton Iverson caught Boston Celtics' eye - ESPN Boston

During his senior season with the Rams, Iverson averaged 14.2 points and 9.8 rebounds over 29.5 minutes per game. He shot 59.6 percent from the floor and was one of the nation's most efficient offensive players (according to Synergy Sports data, he averaged 1.043 points per play, ranking in the 90th percentile among all Division 1 players). Don't be misguided. Iverson's offensive limitations are a big reason that he was available among the draft's final picks. But his advanced numbers suggest a player who thrives in the post (1.013 points per play, 89th percentile), making the most of opportunities created in the pick-and-roll. Still, Iverson's space-eating ability and rebounding talents are what will determine if he can carve out a role at the NBA level.

Looking forward to seeing this kid play in summer league and beyond.

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