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Open Topic: If you could ask Danny Ainge one question...

What would you want to ask him?


Say you were in a situation where Danny Ainge has been injected with some kind of truth serum that actually acts like it does in the movies where he has to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You only have time to ask him one question. What would it be?

Something about a past trade? Like say the Kendrick Perkins trade?

Something about a draft choice? Perhaps someone that he regrets passing on?

Would it be dirt on a current or former player? Rondo anyone?

How about his opinion on the current roster. Are we REALLY not tanking, or is he just saying that?

Or how about something for the future? Will he trade Rondo or build around him? Who's the next guy to get traded?

Fire away in the comments section. Extra points will be awarded for creativity but we aren't keeping track of scores and just like in T-ball, everyone's a winner.

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