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Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic Summer League: Live Game Notes


This article was updated live during the Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic summer league game on July 7, 2013. These are raw game notes aimed towards those that would like to go back and check out key moments of the game or those that are unable to watch the game.

For a full analysis on the game, check out this article: here.

Boston Celtics

Kelly Olynyk

-Nice little two dribble spin on the post. Defender left his feet and Olynyk went under for an easy layup. (8:20 1st)
-Good, strong post defense against Harkless. Forced him into a tough shot.
-Olynyk drains a three-pointer. Beautiful form on the shot. (6:30 1st)
-With only 5-seconds left on the shot clock, gets the ball from the top of the arc, gets to the basket and finishes with a nice lefty scoop. Really nice. (3:40 1st)
-Turn-around jumper from the deep post. Once again, perfect form and touch on the shot. (2:00 1st)
-Good outlet pass to Pressey after a defensive rebound. Don't underrate the ability for a big to pass.
-Very solid defense on Andrew Nicholson on the right block. Looks strong.
-He continues to impress on the offensive end with two beautiful shots from the perimeter. Another one from three.
-Nicholson beat him badly on the drive. Olynyk's slow side-to-side feet show up here. (5:43 2nd)
-Offensive rebound and a putback at the 4:33 mark of the 2nd. Real nice job finding the blue sky. He didn't bring the ball down (a la Perk) on the rebound either.

-Olynyk continues to impress me with his post defense. He's taking shoulders/elbows to the chest from Nicholson and just drew a charge. (9:45 3rd)
-Attempted a floated at the 7:00 mark of the 3rd but was called for a charge. He probably should've pulled up or passed.
-Tried to take a charge at the 6:07 mark but was called for a block. Arguable. Nice play though.
-One of my primary concerns with Olynyk showed up early in the 4th. He was defending on the perimeter and got completely owned on a crossover move. He's just so slow moving laterally.
-Nasty, nasty , nasty. Olynyk with a beautiful hook shot from the right block with 6:40 to go in the game.
-From the high post, Olynyk made a beautiful bounce pass to Tony Mitchell on a backdoor cut. Awesome.
-Called for a travel at the 3:45 mark when he spun on a drive...there's no way they make that call in the NBA. It was a terrific move to get the defender in the air.
-Awful outlet pass with 1:20 to go. That's summer league for you.

Fab Melo

-Looked pretty good on all his rotations in the 1st quarter.
-I'm actually really happy with what I'm seeing from him on defense. Good, active hands to get in the passing lane. He's also moving his feet a lot more quickly than I remember last year. It's early though.
-Got out rebounded from behind on a rebound after a free throw. Just terrible. He had the ball on his hands and didn't get it. Sullinger gave it to him after messing that up.

-Fab Melo hit a hook shot from two feet....and then one from about 14-feet the next possession. Beautiful. He has really nice touch on that. It's for real, trust me.
-He hit a wide open two-pointer from the right baseline at the 5:00 was after the play was over though.
-Next play on the other end he played terrific defense on a Victor Oladipo drive. Might've gotten a block (not sure on the scoring) but he forced a turnover. Really nice.
-Fab got beat on a drive the following play but his length forced Oladipo into a pass.
-Melo gets the ball a foot away from the rim and doesn't finish. He needs to finish strong and this was a weakness of his in the D-League too.
-Hit a jumper from the free throw line and got to the line, hit that too. Nice.
-Fab got blocked from behind on a dunk attempt...a noce defensive play more than anything else, in my opinion. Fab has to get up more quickly though.
-Goes 0-for-2 at the line with 1:35 to go.
-With 37.3 to go, he goes 2-for-2 from the line. Same form, just had success this time. I think his shot looks pretty solid.

Colton Iverson

-Great defense on a dribble penetration around the 4:00 mark of the 1st. Would've had the block if Fells didn't get it.
-Set a very strong, fundamental screen around the 5:40 mark of the 2nd.
-Had an nice block on held defense. I would've called it a goaltend. (4:10 2nd)
-Wow. He's very active on both ends of the floor. Boxes out and gets two offensive rebounds on back-to-back possessions. Bonus: He made a great pass out to the perimeter after the first one.
-Showed more activity by jumping the passing lane and knocking the ball out of bounds. (2:40 3rd)

Phil Pressey

-We're seeing the bad Pressey in the first quarter. Two horrible passes on back-to-back possessions around the 1:30 mark of the 1st.
-On the other hand, I really like his defense so far. Active hands, stays in front of his man. Slides his feet well.
-Great job by Pressey penetrating towards the baseline and dishing it out to Jayson Granger for an open three-pointer. This is the good Pressey.
-Oops. More turnovers by Pressey. He's leaving his feet and totally missing his man on the pass. Not good.
-Pressey made a nice play on the pick-and-roll with Fab Melo, showing nice form on his pull up jumper. (1:20 2nd)
-Scored on a beautiful give-and-god at the 7:00 mark of the 3rd. This is the good Phil Pressey. Speed, energy, swagger.
-Did a nice job of making Oladipo work hard at the 4:20 mark. I like his defense.

Jayson Granger

-Hit a nice three-pointer from the corner at the end of the 1st quarter.
-He looks big out there. It might have to do with him being 23-years-old amongst a bunch of teenagers. But this could increase his chances of making the roster.
-Dribbled into traffic and got the ball ripped away from him. (3:55 2nd)
-I'm loving his defense. He completely harassed Victor Oladipo with his length and quick hands. At the end of the possession he ended up blocking his shot. (1:45 3rd)
-Granger really showed up in the third quarter with some nice passes and awesome defense.

Courtney Fells

-He looks very good on defense with two nice blocks near the rim.
-Fells can jump really, really high. His athleticism has really popped up today.

Tony Mitchell

-He plays with his hands down on defense, making him a lot smaller than he actually is.
-Tony Mitchell hasn't looked for his shot all day but hit a nice corner three off a screen at the 6:30 mark of the 3rd.
-Now he's trying to score. He hit another three from the other corner on the next possession.
-Tony is doing what he did well in the D-League witha nice floater from the left elbow.
-Great backdoor cut by Mitchell and a slam. (5:40 4th)
-Nice putback dunk with 2:30 to go in the 4th.

Darius Johnson-Odom

-He hasn't done anything special today. Everything he has done makes me cringe...especially...
-when he just took the worst shot in basketball with the back of his foot on the three-point line.

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