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Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons Summer League: Live Game Notes


This article will be updated live during the Boston Celtics vs. Detroit Pistons summer league game starting today at 3 PM EST. These are raw game notes aimed towards those that would like to go back and check out key moments or those that are unable to watch the game.

Boston Celtics

  • Starting Lineup
    C: Fab Melo
    PF: Kelly Olynyk
    SF: Courtney Fells
    SG: Tony Mitchell
    PG: Phil Pressey
  • Boston's defense is very active vocally to start the game, holding the Pistons under 10 points in the first quarter. Everyone was talking and moving. Excellent team defense speaks volumes about Jay Larranaga as a coach.
  • The intensity for the Celts seemed to die down in the 2nd quarter. The C's lead 45-30 at halftime but they didn't seem to step on the Pistons' throat.
  • It's pretty amazing to see the Celtics running offensive sets after only three days of practice. Chemistry this early is nice to see in the summer league.
  • The Boston Celtics went back to their dominate ways in the third quarter and lead 70-43 as the quarter ends. Kelly Olynyk had the highlight of the quarter with a beautiful up-and-under post move.
  • Game over. The Celtics defeat the Pistons 93-63 to win their first summer league game. Darius Johnson-Odom leads with 22-points on 8-of-14 shooting and Kelly Olynyk continues to impress with 13-points on 5-of-9 shooting.
Fab Melo
  • It's very disappointing to hear Andre Drummond won't play for Detroit. That would've been a great test for Fab Melo.
  • Misses a hook shot from the free throw line but the next possession he makes a terrific pass to a cutting Courtney Fells. (7:30 1st)
  • Passes up on a wide open jumper from 13-feet after an offensive rebound. He needs to have confidence and take that shot. At least he knows his strengths and weaknesses but I know he can hit that shot as he proved in Maine.
  • Fab takes a charge right to the chest. Good timing and technique. (8:13 2nd)
  • Could easily dunk the ball but chooses to lay it up. Weird. (7:30 2nd)
  • Fab took a a terrible shot around the 5:40 mark and got blocked hard...real hard.
  • Attempts a 13-footer from the baseline and misses. He had a bit of a pause or hitch on his delivery. (8:30 3rd)
  • Melo gets called for a reach in foul while defending on the post. Weak call. (7:30 3rd)
  • Not getting a lot of playing time today...conditioning problems? I'm concerned.
  • Blocks Tony Mitchell inside but then gets dunked on the next possession. (6:00 4th)
  • Fab got blocked again while attempting what should have been an open dunk. (4:30 4th)
  • Melo ends up showing good composure on his next dunk attempting but pump faking to draw two defenders in the air and then finishing the dunk. Real nice. (3:30 4th)
  • Nice hook shot from Fab from the left block. (1:30 4th)
Kelly Olynyk
  • Scores from the post on the first possession of the game.
  • Grabs two loose balls, misses one 8-foot jumper but then makes a pass to a wide open Tony Mitchell.
  • Perfect rhythm on his jump shot from the left elbow. Nails it. (3:50 1st)
  • Oh boy. Kelly Olynyk with some nasty oves right inside the free throw line to open himself up for an easy jumper. Beautiful. (2:40 1st)
  • Gets beat bad on a drive. Has really slow lateral speed. Luckily for him, Fab Melo was there to draw a charge. (8:13 2nd)
  • Steals the ball after a defensive rebound and then quickly dishes it a wide open Fab Melo. (7:30 2nd)
  • Misses a wide open three-ball but shows good form on his shot. No hitch. Nice arc. (7:00 2nd)
  • I hate the call but a moving screen was called on Olynyk. After a pass he moved into the man but I think it was a collision more than anything else.
  • Makes a very nice entry pass to Fab Melo. (5:40 2nd)
  • Tony Mitchell beat Kelly Olynyk up the court for supreme post positioning but Kelly did a very good job of recovering. (4:30 2nd)
  • Olynyk got bodied by Tony Mitchell and got called for a technical foul. Really weird exchange, I didn't hear Kelly say anything on the broadcast. Mitchell was the one who reacted. (9:30 3rd)
  • Forgets to box out his man (Tony Mitchell) and Mitchell gets the offensive rebound. (6:00 3rd)
  • Shows great hustle on a loose ball, diving out of bounds for it. (5:00 3rd)
  • Great outlet pass to Darius Johnson-Odom on the fastbreak. (4:45 3rd)
  • Takes his eyes off a pass and gets it stolen from him. (4:30 3rd)
  • From the left block, Olynyk goes to his left hand on a one-dribble spin move to get to the basket and draw a foul. Great job. Probably would've gotten blocked by better defenders but the moves are there. (3:32 3rd)
  • As the trailer, Kelly Olynyk receives a pass at around half-court, takes two dribbles and pulls up for a three-pointer and sinks it. Impressive. (2:30 3rd)
  • Oh, man...Kelly Olynyk from the left block just attempted an amazing, AMAZING up-and-under much like Kevin McHale. Beautiful. (1:45 3rd)
Tony Mitchell
  • Makes a nice play on the defensive end to force a turnover and then gets ahead of the defense on transition and scores an easy bucket. Great hustle.
  • Tip in layup for two points at the 4:10 mark. I'm loving his game. Not doing anything of note but playing a nice solid role on the team. He's not trying to take control like he did in the D-League (and to much success).
  • He's playing very good man-to-man defense. Moving his feet very well laterally and his hands are very active. They are constantly moving and getting in the way of passing lanes. Impressive. (3:00 2nd)
  • Amazing block from behind that reminded me of Tayshaun Prince. Amazing hustle. (2:00 2nd)
  • Nails a three-pointer from the left wing with one-second left on the shot clock. Good form. (9:00 3rd)
Phil Pressey
  • He has picked up the Pistons' point guard (Peyton Siva) full court every possession and seems to be disturbing him. He's showing very active hands and is moving his feet very well.
  • Pressey is playing at a muh better pace than he did yesterday. Took a beautiful floater off the pick-and-roll and nailed it. (6:00 1st)
  • Attempts an over the head pass to absolutely nobody...Pistons steal the ball for an easy 2-points in transition. (5:30 1st)
  • Phil Pressey's press defense is amazing right now. As I'm typing this he just ripped the ball away for a steal.
  • Overall I am very impressed by his energy and pace this half. He's not playing at 750 miles per hour like he did yesterday. He's under control and (for the most part) making very good, timely passes. (5:10 2nd)
  • Hits a pull-up jay off of a screen. So impressive and under control. (2:30 2nd)
  • Pressey is looking amazing off the dribble. Hits a pull-up three-pointer from the top of the arc. Nice. (1:00 2nd)
  • Phil Pressey does so many good things and then he passes the ball to nobody for a turnover. This is frustrating (0:30 2nd)
  • Attempts an AAU-style fadeaway shot from the right elbow with about 15-seconds left on the shot block. Not good. (8:00 3rd)
  • Continues to show good form on his three-point jumper. (7:00 4th)
  • Did a great job penetrating underneath the rim and dishing the ball to a wide open Fab Melo. (4:30 4th)
Courtney Fells
  • Hustles for an offensive rebound at the 5:30 mark of the 1st. Continuing his impressive play from yesterday.
Colton Iverson
  • Colton is playing terrific post defense by fronting his man and denying the ball.
  • Very strong, he's not getting pushed around out there. He drew an over the back foul to get to the free throw line after getting the inside box out position.
  • Iverson is looking like Kendrick Perkins on the offensive boards. Shows brute strength in rebounding the ball but then a bit of indecisiveness when going back up for the put back. At least he is powerful enough to draw a foul and get to the line.
  • He actually has a pretty nice stroke from the free throw line. No hitch and a pretty nice arc. I think the potential is there for him to develop a jumper.
  • Gets caught setting a moving screen. Good call. (3:24 2nd)
  • Colton let the ball go through his hands on a rebound attempt and it hit him on the head...ouch. (2:00 2nd)
Darius Johnson-Odom
  • DJO had an absolutely horrible turnover around the 3:00 mark of the 1st. He dribbled into traffic, left his feet, then threw the ball back to the other team. Careless.
  • He's playing downright scared. With 20 seconds to left in the 1st JaJuan Johnson blocks him at the basket.
  • Overall terrible decision making and I'm ready to say he has no chance of making the roster.
  • Takes a ball hog jumper with 20 seconds left on the clock. Makes it. (6:00 2nd)
  • Plays out of control and gets called for a charge on the drive. (7:45 3rd)
  • Shows good form on a spot-up three-pointer and from the free throw line. (5:45 3rd)
  • Drives hard into the lane and gets blocked. He needs to learn how to pass when penetrating. (4:10 3rd)
  • DJO is feeling it and hits another three-pointer. (2:00 4th)
  • Finally. Johnson-Odom dribbles hard into the lane and dishes it off to a teammate. FInally. (0:40 4th)
Eli Holman
  • He fouled a jump shooter by hitting him after the shot was taken. Unforgivable. (2:00 1st)
  • Picked up an offensive rebound and made a nice pass toa cutter. (1:30 1st)
  • Seems to have good form on his mid-range jump shot. Has hit two today. (9:45 4th)
Jayson Granger
  • Does a good job of penetrating into the lane to draw a foul. Very nice tight dribbling. (0:50 1st)
  • Great form on his pull up jumper from the free throw line. He looks like a veteran out there. (0:30 1st)
  • Attempts a bad pass to a cutting Eli Holman. Turnover. (9:00 2nd)
  • While bringing the ball up the court he attempted a terrible 30-foot pass that went out of bounds off the Pistons. (7:10 3rd)...and the next possession he left his feet for a cross-court pass. Really sloppy play even though it ended in a three-pointer.
  • Gets too loose with his dribble and gets the ball stolen from behind. (5:15 3rd)
  • I'm not getting the impressive he has true point guard instincts. He has attempted far too many low quality passes to my liking. (9:00 4th)
  • Nice quick pass on a three-on-one chance to an open Eli Holman. (7:50 4th)

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