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Phil Pressey impressive

Last summer, it was Dionte Christmas that earned himself a training camp invite after a stellar showing in Orlando and Vegas. This off-season, it could be Missouri's Phil Pressey.

Eric Francis

There were rumblings during pre-draft workouts that Danny was in love with Pressey's game and might look to get into the second round to snatch him up. He subsequently bought a pick to get Colton Iverson instead, but it looks like he was Ainge's first call when the 5'11 point guard wasn't selected in the draft.

If you've been watching the games or checking out Kevin's live blogging during the summer league, you've seen or read about Pressey's game and how it fits exactly into what the Celtics are looking for. He's been a little turnover prone, but a lot of that can be chalked up to new teammates and maybe a little bit of forcing the issue to impress GM's and scouts.

What he has been able to do is effectively run the point and penetrate the paint. The Achilles heal for Boston over the last several seasons has been the lack of a true backup PG and Pressey might fit the bill. He's also exhibited great on-ball defense which perfectly fits into the pitbull mentality of Rondo, Bradley, and Lee.

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