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Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers Summer League: Live Game Notes

Kelly Olynyk has been a star for Boston so far in the summer league.
Kelly Olynyk has been a star for Boston so far in the summer league.
Mike Payne

This article was updated live during the Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers summer league game on Tuesday. These are raw game notes aimed towards those that would like to go back and check out key moments or those that were unable to watch the game.

Boston Celtics

  • Starting Lineup
    C: Colton Iverson
    PF: Kelly Olynyk
    SF: Tim Abromatis
    SG: Tony Mitchell
    PG: Jayson Granger
  • The defensive unit to start the game is very active vocally. Everyone is talking with each other.
  • The second unit (Melo-Hill-Mitchell-DJO-Pressey) is doing a lot of talking as well. Also hustled back to play great transition defense. DJO was matched up on a center but the team did a good job of doubling and then rotating well to stop the Pacers' possession. (~5:30 1st)
  • Both Jeff Green and Courtney Lee are at the game today, along with Jared Sullinger who has been here since Saturday.
  • The game got blacked out and Michael Jordan highlights started playing during the middle of the second quarter....I was unable to see most of the second quarter but tried to pick out what I could from my Twitter feed.
  • Celtics lead 40-29 at halftime after a 33-13 run.
  • We're back!!! Wow! The broadcast has returned to an interview with Pacers coach Nate McMillan.
  • Tied up 74-74 with 15 seconds to go, Phil Pressey hits two free throws to give the Celtics a 76-74. Indiana is unable to hit a three-pointer to win the game.
Colton Iverson
  • Takes the ball strong to the rim on a quick screen-and-roll. Draws a foul on a dunk attempt. (9:30 1st)
  • Playing very good post defense and ball denial on Miles Plumlee to start the game.
  • Crashes the offensive boards for a putback layup. (7:20 3rd)
  • I'm constantly impressed with his post-defense. He fights hard for positioning and denies the ball.
  • Attempted a jumper from right inside the free throw line and missed short. (9:00 4th)
  • A friend of mine (thanks, Bill) pointed out that Colton Iverson goes for a lot of put back dunks on the offensive end. I couldn't agree more. He goes hard and attacks the boards on almost every possession.
Kelly Olynyk
  • Pump fake from the corner-three to draw the defender in the air, one dribble up for a pull-up jumper from 18-feet. Bang. (9:00 1st)
  • Weak-side block from behind. Very good awareness (5:00 1st)
  • Offensive rebound and then a nice little quick pass to Fab Melo but it was tipped away. (4:45 1st)
  • Fadeaway jumper from the right-block but misses. Good form on his shot. He had a smaller man on him and tried to take advantage. (4:40 1st)
  • I wasn't able to see any of it since the game is blacked out but people on Twitter say that Kelly Olynyk just had a really nice run of plays in the 2nd quarter. Getting work on the post, a transition layup, and finished an and-one layup.
  • "Olynyk grabs the board on one end, goes the length of the court by himself, and makes a difficult layup over a defender." - Baxter Holmes (Finally saw the replay of this. Beautiful. Just beautiful.)
  • Dang. Step back jumper off one-foot from the right block. Nasty. (6:00 3rd)
  • Wasn't aggressive enough when he got the ball in the paint. Probably could've scored on a little bunny-floater but instead took a one-dribble drive to the basket and faked a pass. He ended up getting blocked by Plumlee. (5:45: 3rd)
  • You can't stop him. The Pacers actually doubled him on the post and he made a perfect pass to the perimeter to Tony Mitchell for a three-ball. (4:00 3rd)
  • Oh, man, he's nasty. Olynyk got the ball on the right elbow, took one dribble and then spun for another one-foot fadeaway jumper. Nasty! (7:00 4th)
  • Battles for post positioning with a smaller man on him, he gets fed the ball and is fouled. From the line (as you would expect) he shows good form but goes 1-for-2. (5:00 4th)
  • He had a smaller defender on him and went with another up-and-under move after a two dribble drive to his left. He has it all. (2:00 4th)
  • Gets the ball on the post, tied up 74-74, with only 38 seconds to go, he gets a solid look at a hook shot but misses it. (0:30 4th)
Tony Mitchell
  • After criticizing his defense on day one, he has looked a lot better on days two and three. Very active hands.
  • Takes the ball hard to the rim for a left-handed layup. Came off an off-ball screen. Looked good. (5:20 1st)
  • Great off-ball awareness, cuts to the basket for an easy dunk. (9:45 3rd)
  • Played pretty good perimeter defense on Orlando Johnson, even though he scored. Shifted his feet very well. (8:45 3rd)
  • Called for a charge after taking a shot near the end of the shot-block. (8:20 3rd)
  • Wow, great patience on the fastbreak. Showed good awareness by taking a peek back to see who was running with him but then took it hard to the rim for a finger roll layup. Nice. (8:00 3rd)
  • On a 2-on-1 in transition he had Olynyk trailing but instead threw up a terrible looking shot. (6:30 3rd)
  • Hits a three-pointer on an assist from Kelly Olynyk. Mitchell shoots a low percentage from three-pointer but I really like his form. He seems to be better spotting up than he is off-the-dribble. (4:00 3rd)
  • Mitchell shows off his athleticism for a block from behind near the end of the quarter. This is the second time he's done this in summer league. (1:00 3rd)
Jayson Granger
  • Gets the ball stolen (again) from behind just like yesterday's game. (7:30 1st)
  • Makes a terrible pass to a rolling Colton Iverson for a turnover. (6:30 1st)
  • Comes off the floor with an apparent rib injury. (4:30 1st)
  • Very nice off the dribble pass to Eli Holman, who was open down low. (8:45 4th)
Fab Melo
  • His first minute on the floor he does a good job of rotating but then fails to box out Miles Plumlee, who ends up grabbing an offensive rebound. (6:00 1st)
  • Blocks Miles Plumlee but it's called a goaltend. I feel like we've seen a lot of that from every team in the summer league. (3:00 1st)
  • Fab got called for a blocking call when he probably should've just played the ball and tried to protect the rim. Not a good decision, in my opinion. (2:25 1st)
  • On a pass from Pressey, Fab quickly went up to finish the play. Nice to see him be so fast in his decision. (2:20 1st)
  • Fab's learning. He pump faked to draw to defenders into the air, giving him the room to lay up the ball. Nice job. (5:00 3rd)
  • Fab attempted a hook shot and air balled it, that's the first time I've seen him do that. (4:14 4th)
Phil Pressey
  • Wow, beautiful pass on the pick-and-roll to Fab Melo. Pressey elevated and got him to the ball in the perfect spot. (2:20 1st)
  • Attempted an alley-oop pass to Darius Johnson-Odom. DJO couldn't finish but it was a nice try. (1:45 1st)
  • Pressey showing range with a deep three-pointer. (1:35 1st)
  • He's playing his best game of his summer league so far. Just showed good patience before dishing the ball to DJO for a corner-three. (1:00 1st)
  • Called for a reach-in foul...really? Doesn't look like he made any contact on the ball-handler. Good defense, just like the past two days. (9:30 2nd)
  • Beautiful off-the-dribble left-handed pass by Phil Pressey to Tony Mitchell on a backdoor cut. That'd be on the SportsCenter Top 10 if I ran the show. (9:45 3rd)
  • His speed really showed up when defending on the perimeter this possession. His opponent spun to his right and Pressey got beat a little bit, but he was able to catch up because of his elite speed. However, Pressey was a bit over-aggressive and got called for a foul. I'll take it though. (7:30 3rd)
  • Rips the ball loose from the opponent. Quick hands. (4:45 4th)
  • Pressey drives the lane for a layup in transition and then comes back and gets a steal from behind. Can you say...intangibles? (3:50 4th)
  • It was a simple play but he just made a nice pass to Tony Mitchell in the corner instead of forcing the ball to Olynyk (his number one option). (3:00 4th)
  • Pressey knows how to get low when playing defense on a bigger man. He knocked the ball loose from (I think) Solomon Hill after he was switched onto him. Awesome play. (1:30 4th)
  • Great defense on Sloan with little time left in regulation. Stays in front of him before Iverson picks him up to stop him at the rim. Nice team defense. (0:15 4th)
  • Hits two clutch free throw to win the game for the Celtics, 76-74.
Darius Johnson-Odom
  • Attempts an alley-oop dunk but gets fouled. Unfortunately it wasn't called a shooting foul. (1:45 1st)
  • Hits a wide-open corner three. (1:00 1st)
  • Made a nice pass on the screen-and-roll to Lawrence Hill. (9:00 2nd)
  • He's forcing things way too much out there. He took a bad fadeaway jumper with about 10-seconds left on the shot block and he banked it high off the backboard...miss. (7:45 4th)
  • Takes a clutch charge late in the game. Great play. (3:00 4th)
Courtney Fells
  • I very much enjoy Fells on the defensive end but he doesn't have three-point range at all. He looks like he "pushes" the ball when he shoots because he isn't getting enough power from his legs. (I have this same issue so it's sticking out to me.) (1:00 3rd)

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