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Celtics set to sign Brazilian center Vitor Faverani, more moves to come?

According to, Boston will sign the 25-year-old to a two-year deal.


The Google Translate of the link is brutal, but hopefully, Faverani's game translates better in the NBA because it sounds like he's coming to Boston. Here are some highlights:

He's got game and was given a hard look with the Wizards, Knicks, and Spurs. The fact that San Antonio was interested is reason enough to peak my interest, but I wonder what this means in terms of the big picture. If Faverani is indeed signing on a two-year deal, what does that mean for the rest of the roster?

In all of Danny's press conferences this summer, he's hinted at needing to trim down the team before training camp. With the emergence of Phil Pressey, a solid showing by second round pick Colton Iverson, and stand-out performances by Tony Mitchell and Darius Johnson-Odom in the Orlando summer league, the Celtics could have as many as 20 guys on their radar heading into October. When the trade with Brooklyn becomes official (maybe tomorrow), we'll get a clearer picture of what the depth chart will look like in training camp, but this signing definitely hints to a few guys either getting traded or shipped out after the moratorium.

In other Celtics-interested-in-foreign-players news, Gigi Datome signed a two-year deal with the Pistons today. He had been previously linked to Boston.


So it's not totally a done deal, but the previous point still stands: the Celtics need to shed some players before October.

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