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Kelly Olynyk says he is recovering from plantar fasciitis

Harry How

Back in late July news came out that Kelly Olynyk was suffering from plantar fasciitis but today he reports that his injury is improving. He couldn't participate in training camp for the Canadian team but still spent a week with the team to "forge chemistry for the future."

I've got to admit that this injury has had me concerned since I first heard about it. Plantar fasciitis isn't something to take lightly because it can continue to nag throughout the year. However, we're lucky that doctors (and Kelly) found out about it early,,so he has plenty of time to recover before training camp begins in October. If the rookie big man is 100 percent recovered by then, chances are it won't come back at some point during the season; but if he's only 90 percent, I'd prefer that he sit out until he is completely healed.

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