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Buying a jersey during a rebuilding era

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A light hearted look at which jersey you should buy for the next era.

Jared Wickerham

FTW had a fun article on which jerseys to buy for each NBA team. For the Celtics, the obvious choice was Rajon Rondo now that KG and Pierce are gone. But I thought the discussion of the other options was amusing. (Note: I assume this was obviously done by someone who isn't a die-hard Celtics fan like we are, so give him some slack.)

The definitive guide to buying an NBA jersey in 2013 | For The Win

If you decide Rondo is too risky, your options are somewhat limited. An Avery Bradley jersey says, "I appreciate defense." A Kris Humphries jersey says, "I really can’t stand Kim Kardashian," which is a sentiment everyone can get behind, but seriously, don’t get a Kris Humphries jersey. Just don’t. Jared Sullinger is the Celtics’ most promising young player, but his back problems make that a gamble too. Unless you really believe in Kelly Olynyk, you might be better off waiting a year to see how the draft lottery shakes out. You just may walk into an opportunity to buy an Andrew Wiggins or a Jabari Parker.

So right off the bat there's a huge snub here. Jeff Green is completely missing and he might just be our leading scorer next year. He's also got the name "Green" on the back of a Celtics jersey that isn't associated with blowing out cupcake candles. Toss in the Iron Man recovering from heart surgery aspect and the high flying dunks and I think you've got yourself a winner.

I don't think you can necessarily go wrong with Bradley or Sullinger or Olynyk as long as you can live with the risk that any or all of them could be the next Al Jefferson or Delonte West, headed out in a trade that helps usher in the next era.

Or you could just hold out till the lottery. Whatever.