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Summer Boredcast - Would you rather be the owner, GM, or coach?

Death is not an option. Nor is "all three."


Continuing the Boredcast series.

Would you rather be the owner, GM, or coach?

Kevin O'Connor - CelticsBlog

I'd prefer to be a general manager AND coach. I'd want control of all of my players and build my team the way I'd want to build it. If I was a GM, I'd be worried the coach wouldn't handle things properly, and if I was a coach, I'd be concerned the GM wouldn't bring in the players I'd want. Instead, I'd like to do both. There is something special about building a team that fits and wins championships. Even though the players are the ones who actually win you a game, I think there is something special about being the architect that put it all together. That is something that would make me feel immense pride.

Bill Sy - CelticsBlog

Brad Stevens. Without Doc, Pierce, and Garnett, people see the Celtics as a sinking ship and they're not necessarily wrong. Those guys gave this team a culture and an identity that was sorely lacking for fifteen years. It attracted guys--mainly vets--who were willing to buy into Ubuntu and leave their egos at the door in order to win a championship. But if we're being honest, it wasn't exactly the most inviting place for young players. Even players that were drafted by the Celtics and found success with the team (Glen Davis, Tony Allen, Kendrick Perkins) were cast off in favor of more established players (Jason Terry, Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace). That ship has finally sailed or sunk depending on your viewpoint and it's a new day.

Rebuilds can be difficult and often times, coaches are brought in just to play foreman for a few years until the rubble has been cleared away and a foundation can be set. That isn't the case with Brad Stevens. Not only did Danny commit him to a six year contract, he also provided him the building blocks for a team that mirrors a lot of what Stevens' succeeded with at Butler. With the Bulldogs, Stevens employed multiple wing lineups that he could count on to pressure the ball on defense. He'll have no problem with implementing that system with Rondo, Bradley, Green, Wallace and Lee at his disposal. Stevens also utilized undersized yet skilled big men in the high post. That's the resumes of Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk (and to some extent, the suspected upside of Vitor Faverani). He's got X-factors in Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks and steady vets in Bass, Bogans, and Humphries. It's a rare favorable position for a rookie coach. Stevens will have the ability to mold this team the way he wants to and if this roster doesn't work out in Year 1, Danny has a blank canvas for him with 9 first round draft picks in the next five years.

Josh Zavadil - CelticsBlog

I think I'd rather be none of those because I am scared of long-term commitment.

FLCeltsFan - CelticsBlog

I'd like to be the owner. Wyc has proved that you can be a fan and an owner. Being the owner means that I would have a ton of money which sure would be nice. And, the owner calls the shots and so would never be fired or have to look over his shoulder after every move or loss.

Tim MacLean - Celtics Spot / CLNS Radio

Honestly, I would rather be the GM of the Boston Celtics as opposed to the other two options. As general manager I would have complete control over the assembly of my team. And at the end of the day, the moves that are made or not made would ultimately be up to me.

Mike Dyer - Celtics Life

GM all day everyday. Coaching seems like the hardest job ever. You have players making way more money than you, unrealistic expectations from ownership, and are usually the first to go if those unrealistic expectations are not met (see: Karl, George). Owners on the other hand basically purchase the team, pick a few (hopefully) smart people to run it, and then sit back and collect money. Cool and all, but pretty hands off (unless you're Mark Cuban). That's why for me, GM'ing is the most fun to imagine. You get to "shop for the groceries" as Bill Parcells once said, instead of trying to cook with a bunch of groceries you didn't pick out. Building a team through the draft and acquisition of assets is obviously extremely difficult, but it has to be incredibly rewarding to see your moves turn into on the court success.

Mark Vandeusen - Celtics Life

Owner by a mile. One, I'm crazy rich and can sit anywhere I want at every game. Two, I can pick whatever role I want to have with the team. I can involve myself whenever I feel like it, or take a 3 month vacation to Costa Rica on a whim and leave Danny in charge. I can hang out with Mark Cuban and Mikhail Prokhorov in Vegas, and lose a quarter mil and the rights to Kris Humphries expiring contract in a poker game. I could also lobby Adam Silver for the league to start crediting assists on made free throws (and half an assist on 1 for 2).

HeisenCelts - Truth On Causeway

Interesting. Not the coach, definetely. The owner has all of the money but is his job that interesting? I'm going with GM here, hoping owners would be as enamored with me as Wyc and Pagliuca are with Danny.

GeeZeeCelts - Truth on Causeway

If being owner entails having a ton of money, then I guess I'd love to be owner.

Hah, actually, I'd rather be the coach. That way I get to be the closest to the team and to actual basketball. I couldn't stand not being actively involved in the games if I was the GM or owner. I'm the type of guy that can't watch my buddies playing basketball if I can't play myself, so I'd probably go insane. Being the coach drops me right into the game.

Would not enjoy the part where I am fired, though.

Shawn Cassidy - Celtics Title Town

I would want to be the Owner. You can be fired if your a GM, or coach. Look at Mark Cuban, he's got a lot of control with his team, even though he has a GM, and others to run the show. He's into the game, and he doesn't have a team just to say he has a team.

Jeff's Take:

Umm, I think I'd rather be the owner because I'd be rich. Ok, so all these guys are rich, but I'd be the richest of the rich. Scrooge McDuck, swimming in piles of gold coins rich. Hey, I'm just being honest here.

Oh yeah, and it would be nice to have the job security of being the top boss. The only decision I'd really have to make right would be hiring the right GM for the job. I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that but in my simplified view of things, that's at least the most important call to make.

Besides, I just kind of like being in charge. Can you tell?

So what would you rather be?

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