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Kevin Garnett still keeps tabs on his former teammates

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(To the surprise of exactly nobody.)


Kevin Garnett is still teaching his former teammates what it really is to be a leader.  I love it.

Kevin Garnett discusses love of Boston Celtics, most important thing he taught Rajon Rondo, emotions of returning to TD Garden and more |

On whether he spoke to the young guys after leaving Boston:

"All of them, Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, I kind of shouted out to all of them and told them that the move was what it was, and that there wasn't any love lost between me and those guys. It's just business. Those guys will be forever with me. If they ever need me then I'm right there. I called (Jared Sullinger) to make sure he was alright, I heard he went through a little difficulty (so I wanted) to make sure he was okay. I've been calling to make sure Rondo's okay, I've been checking on him because I know he's getting back for the season. But those are just things I do to people that I'm close to. I reach out to Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley every now and then to make sure they're okay."

Every one of those guys got a first hand look at what it takes to be a winner because they got to hang out with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on a daily basis.  There's no way to overstate how important that is for them going forward.

And yes, I miss Kevin already.