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WEEI asks, "Is Kris Humphries good at basketball?"

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Apparently the answer is "no."


Ben Rohrbach decided to take a closer look at Kris Humprhies and ask a very basic question:  Is he good at basketball?

As we've discussed in this space before, he's an exceptional rebounder.  His better years showed that he could average a double double.  But beyond those simple numbers, there are (perhaps) some warning signs.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: Is Kris Humphries good at basketball?

Maybe it’s his subpar points allowed per possession (0.88) and defensive rating (106.5). Or the fact the Nets were almost eight points better per game without Humphries on the floor last season. That’s bad defense.

Maybe it’s a shooting percentage well below league average among fours who played 15 minutes a night last season (0-2 feet: 57.5%; 3-9 feet: 34.0; 10-15 feet: 31.6; 16-23 feet: 34.0). Or a turnover rate exceeding his assist rate in all but one of his nine seasons (2008-09, when he had 10 assists and eight turnovers). That’s bad offense.


All that sounds pretty alarming, but obviously there were some factors that played into his performance last year.  The fishbowl celebrity life (that he brought upon himself) didn't help.  He lost a lot of playing time to Reggie Evans so limited time doesn't allow a player to establish a rhythm and it becomes a downward spiral.  I believe Ainge may have pointed out that they played a lot of isolation basketball which didn't lend itself to Kris's style of play.

Still, excuses aside, he's got to step up his game.  He'll have ample time to prove his worth this year.  If not, then he'll be just another expiring contract.