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Summer Boredcast - Least Valuable Player

The MVP is easy to call. But what about the other side of the coin?

Al Bello

Continuing the Boredcast series.

Since we already covered the MVP in the Summer Forecast, who do you think will be the LEAST valuable player?

Kevin O'Connor - CelticsBlog

Donte Greene, because he has been irrelevant throughout his entire career. Now he's behind a plethora of talented players at the forward position and I don't foresee him getting much time on the court even if he makes the team.

Bill Sy - CelticsBlog

I am forever the optimist with this team and I can see value in everybody right now, but if I had to choose one person, I'll go with Jordan Crawford. Stevens is going to put a premium on defense and I'm not even sure Steez has that in his repertoire. The guard depth on this team is a logjam and I don't see Crawford getting ahead of even rookie Phil Pressey. If the Celtics are going to give a good look at somebody that's known more for his offense rather than his D, it'll be MarShon Brooks. Crawford is heading into a qualifying offer year where as Brooks has a cheap team option for 2014-2015. Maybe I'm wrong and Crawford is more Hoosier than he is Harlem Globetrotter, but heading into camp, he's more goat than GOAT.

Josh Zavadil - CelticsBlog

Perhaps the least valuable player on the roster, Jordan Crawford. Because he'll take awful shots from areas on the floor that he simply shouldn't be shooting from. Because he'll somehow manage to have the ball at the end of the shot clock probably 500 times this season, which will result in a desperate heave towards the basket that will sometimes go in, which in turn will give him more confidence to keep taking awful shots.

FLCeltsFan - CelticsBlog

Jordan Crawford. I've not been impressed with Crawford to this point. I think he's a lot of talk and doesn't have the work ethic to back it up.

Tim MacLean - Celtics Spot / CLNS Radio

This year's Least Valuable Player title will go to Keith Bogans. To me, the 10 year vet was more or less just cap fodder in the blockbuster deal that took place between Boston and Brooklyn this summer. At 33, Bogans has little to offer an NBA franchise. He's never averaged 10 points per game in a single season throughout his entire career and he's failed to reach the five points per night mark in each of the past four seasons. Unfortunately, his career 35% conversion rate from beyond the arc rules him out as a guy that can come in and knock down a couple of treys in limited minutes. Bogans will most likely serve as a locker room presence this year in Boston. I'd be surprised to see him take on a role any larger than that.

Mike Dyer - Celtics Life

There's a few different ways to look at LVP, but for the sake of this exercise I'm going to go with "least worth their salary". After all the NBA has a salary cap, so the guy clogging up the most space is pretty low on the value scale. With that in mind, I'm going with Gerald Wallace. Wallace is coming off of a miserable season in which he averaged his lowest points, rebounds, minutes and shot his lowest field goal percentage since 2003-04, and is now a year older and will need to adapt to a bench role. Wallace, known as "crash", is a player who has always relied heavily on athleticism, and he doesn't seem to be adapting to his aging body as he enters his 13th NBA season. Even if Wallace is able to become a decent bench contributor he is highly unlikely to be worth his $10 million salary, and he is without question the most unmovable contract currently on the Celtics books.

Mark Vandeusen - Celtics Life

Gerald Wallace. He suddenly got old two years ago, even though he's still only 31. I see him getting 15-20 mpg at first, but slowly having his minutes dwindle in favor of younger more eager players (Green, Olynyk, Sullinger). I envision Stevens coaxing this team to more victories than people expect just by getting his guys to hustle and play hard on D, and I don't think Wallace is up for that. By the end of the season he'll just be a $10 million weight on the end of the bench.

HeisenCelts - Truth On Causeway

Brandon Bass. His skills are not needed on the team anymore. Olynyk is a great shooter too and Humphries is a better rebounder. Don't need him to defend LeBron or Melo either. Can't see him carving out a role.

GeeZeeCelts - Truth on Causeway

Hard to say. My bets are on one of the undrafted rookies - either Pressey or Faverani. Pressey showed some promise at Summer League, albeit with a lot of turnovers along for the ride. Still, I think Pressey could do fine in a limited role, so I'll go with Faverani, who is the only center on the team, so is bound to see some minutes no matter what happens. He is a COMPLETE unknown. He could be anywhere between a solid rotation big to a garbage time star. Sometimes Danny strikes gold with signing unknown guys, sometimes he doesn't. So I'll risk it and say Faverani has the biggest shot of landing as the not-so-prestigious LVP.

Shawn Cassidy - Celtics Title Town

I think most will pick Mr. Jordan Crawford on this. I would have to agree with that. His trade value could rise towards the deadline, but he won't bring a lot in return. I don't see anyone giving up a draft pick for him, or at least a pick that has value next summer.

I think Crawford is a good fit for a playoff team that needs a spark off the bench. As for rebuilding? He wasn't successful with the Wizards during that process. Plus the Celtics have Brooks, Lee, and Bradley playing the two guard. Crawford doesn't fit into the plan.

Jeff's Take:

It was a trick question because they'll all be very valuable in their own way! Donte Greene? Very valuable non-guarnateed contract to cut and get under the cap. Kieth Bogans? Leadership skills! Jordan Crawford? Heat checks galore. Humphries? Expiring contract!

I suppose you could argue that Gerald Wallace's contract has such a negative impact on his value that he qualifies, but I still think he's going to hustle and show some skill out there. Brandon Bass doesn't deserve to be on this list. He's a very solid NBA veteran player (who should return something on the open market).

I love all the Celtics so it doesn't seem right to pick on any one of them.

...nah, just kidding. It's Jordan Crawford.

So who is your LVP?

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