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*Reggie Jackson, Rodney Stuckey, & Anderson Varejao will be Celtics in 2015

*In a video game. The newest version of NBA 2K has a game mode called "Path To Greatness" where you guide the rest of LeBron's career. Don't worry (or get your hopes up depending on how you feel about James), Celtics fan. He doesn't end up in Boston, but it's fun to see how the game foresees our future in 2015. And yes, Jordan Crawford is still on the team.

Gregory Shamus

With training camp still more then two weeks away, these are the doldrums of the NBA news cycle.  There still isn't a timetable for Rondo's return and Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace are still Celtics.  I can't wait until the first week of October and as a video game fan, there's also the added excitement of 2K Sports releasing the latest version of NBA 2K.  While news trickles in about camp battles and offensive and defensive sets, gamers get a chance to play out their fantasies before the season starts.  IGN previewed one of the new game modes called Path To Greatness in the latest version of the game and we get a glimpse of what the C's will look like:

Fast forward to the 2:47 mark.  You'll notice that LBJ is now in NYC with Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Kenneth Faried, and Gerald Green.  Yes, Gerald Green!  More importantly, it looks like the Celtics are pretty much intact with Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, and Jared Sullinger in the starting lineup with former Cav Anderson Varejao.  My best guess is that Danny flipped Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass for the oft injured center.  I have no idea if Humphries and Wallace are still on the team, but Rondo looks great (phew!) and our bench has been rounded out with Reggie Jackson (currently in OKC) and Rodney Stuckey (current Piston) with Kell Olynyk sliding in as a back up center.  It's not a bad looking team one year removed from the beginning of the a video game.

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