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Sullinger update: Sully seeing a counselor, girlfriend no longer wants to pursue case

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CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely is reporting that Jared Sullinger has started to see a counselor stemming from his domestic violence charges earlier this month. He is due back in court September 23rd.

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Check out the entire update, but here's the crux of it:

Smith's attorney, Melinda L. Thompson, filed an affidavit last week which indicated that "the Commonwealth sought a no contact order and an order to stay away from the apartment the two share in Waltham. Ms. Smith addressed the Court at sidebar (on Sept. 3) and told the Court that she opposed the stay away and no contact order. She stated that she did not want to pursue the case and is not fearful of Mr. Sullinger."

The affidavit filed by Thompson later read, "Both Ms. Smith and Mr. Sullinger desire to work on their relationship, even though she will live in Ohio. Ms. Smith desires to be able to have in-person contact with Mr. Sullinger without the presence of a third person. That is an important factor in being able to work on their relationship. Ms. Smith is not in fear of Mr. Sullinger, and wants to be able to spend time with him to work on their relationship during the pendency of the case."

It's a delicate situation for sure, but all signs point to a positive ending for Sullinger and his girlfriend.  Since his arraignment on September 3rd, Deann Smith has moved back to Ohio and Sullinger has seeked guidance from a domestic violence counselor.  With Smith requesting that the stay away and no contact orders be lifted, let's hope the two can settle their differences and put this incident behind them.