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Sullinger appears in pre-trial hearing, due back in court October 28th

Jared Sullinger has back in a Waltham courthouse this morning for a pre-trial hearing stemming from his domestic violence charges. Despite the fact that his girlfriend no longer wants to pursue the case, he'll be back in court October 28th. The Celtics' final preseason game is October 30th in Toronto and they open the season at home vs. Milwaukee on November 1st.

Jared Wickerham

That's two days before Boston's final preseason game and four days ahead of the opener against the Bucks.  Let's hope that by then, this ugly blip in Sullinger's promising career is over.  From Jay King at

Jared Sullinger's attorney says Boston Celtics forward is 'embarrassed but doing fine'; domestic violence case continues against girlfriend's wishes

Sullinger was released on $5,000 bail, but a Waltham District Court judge ruled the 21-year old could not have contact with Smith unless in the presence of a third party.

Since that date, a motion filed on behalf of Sullinger requested to modify the stay away and no unsupervised contact orders. Smith's attorney, Melinda L. Thompson, filed an affidavit stating that her client "opposed the stay away and no contact order," and has "stated that she did not want to pursue the case and is not fearful of Mr. Sullinger."

After a hearing, Sullinger's motion was allowed.

Sullinger, 21, appeared at the pretrial hearing but did not speak. Rankin did comment on his client's mind state.

"He's doing fine," said Rankin. "He's embarrassed but doing fine, and hoping that it comes to an end soon."

By all accounts, it looks like Sully will be able to put this behind him.  Reports surfaced last week claiming that he had been seeing a counselor and that Smith had moved back to Ohio to be close to family.


According to Waltham News Tribune:

The girlfriend's attorney indicated to Rankin that she did not want to participate in the criminal process, which means the charges will eventually be dropped, Rankin said.

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