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Rondo doin' work

On Tuesday, Danny Ainge suggested December as a potential return date for Rajon and at today's Coaches vs. Cancer event, Brad Stevens talked about where Rondo is in his rehab and how he affects the team even if he's not at 100%.

Jared Wickerham

Here's the meaty quote from Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston:

"Rondo is progressing well," he said in the Legends suite at TD Garden. "He's in the gym, he's working. He's been great at what he can do. He has not been cleared to do everything, and it looks like that'll be a little bit of time before he is.

"Has the date been determined? No. Does it look like he'll be there at the start of the season? No. But he is in the gym and when he is in the gym, people are that much better because I think he's just got a way about him that makes everyone else rise up. And that's been a really important thing for us and he's been great so far."

And last night, Rondo did a quick Twitter Q&A and answered the same question:

He's in the gym and remains a positive influence on the team.  That's all we can ask for right now.  Even if it is a December return for RR, I don't expect a big learning curve.  Doc called him the smartest player he's ever coached and I believe that.  In this new leadership role, I'm sure he's shaping the team without even stepping foot on the court.


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