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Boston Celtics Daily Links 9/29

Herald   Heat signs Spoelstra to multiyear extension
Globe  Sunday Mail: Bogaerts vs. Middlebrooks, Celtics forecast, and Boston's next statue
All eyes on new Celtics coach Brad Stevens
CelticsBlog  Training camp invites - who has a chance to make the cut?
What's a Jordan Crawford?
Lex Nihil Novi  Even World Champion Bulls are Talkin' Pitino
Russell v. Chamberlain: Game 35 (The Big Dipper Drops 52, Loses Again)

Red's Army  Celtkicks: Yoanty meets The Klynyk
Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers says the Lakers are "the best franchise in sports history"
Celtics Hub  Weekend Notebook: High Praise for Avery Bradley, Power Rankings and New Radio Station
CelticsLife    What the Hell Happened to...Frankie Sanders?
Karl on the Kayak-Why I think the Celtics won't be that much worse than last year
Press Herald   On Basketball: Everything's good for the Red Claws' coach
Telegram  Of years of love, and a long goodbye
Yahoo  Coach Doc Rivers invigorated by opportunity to turn the Clippers into champions