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Rumor: Celtics interested in Sebastian Telfair reunion

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The Lakers and Spurs are also in the mix.


Consider this a reprieve from the Sullinger stuff.  You start typing "Sebastian Telfair" into Google and one of the auto-completes is "Sebastian Telfair bust," so there's that.  Bassy played briefly for us back in '07 before being traded to Minnesota for KG and has never really lived up to the hype.  I'd suspect that he'd sign for the vet minimum, but if my math is correct--even if Danny cuts Donte Greene--doesn't that put us over the luxury tax threshold again?  I'd imagine one of the camp invites signed at the rookie minimum is more appealing to Ainge right now that picking up an NBA retread, but if Rondo's out until December, the team is going to need ballhandlers.