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Plenty of story lines for Celtics this year

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Media Day is here! Get excited!

Darren McCollester

I love Media Day.  It is a chance for the media to touch base with the whole team for the first time in months and start churning out quotes and news items that we didn't have access to all summer long.  In the next day or two, you'll see more articles written than you did the last 2 months combined.

This year's team might even be more interesting to watch than last years version.  In fact, there's no shortage of story lines as Steve Bulpett lays out below.

Wait ’til next year, or maybe longer | Boston Herald

If you’re a bottom-line, show-me-the-scoreboard kind of person, then the 2013-14 Celtics may not be your cup of entertainment. But this edition will not lack for story lines. It will be interesting to see how first-time NBA coach Brad Stevens adapts to his new digs and how well he establishes a working relationship with players who won’t have to sit out a year if they transfer. It will be beyond interesting to see how Rajon Rondo adjusts both physically and sociologically to playing without Pierce and Garnett. How much of what we saw from rookie Kelly Olynyk in July was the product of summer-league competition? Is Jeff Green ready to exhibit his considerable talent on a more consistent basis? Who among the Brooklyn refugees is here for more than a cup of chowder?

Who's excited for Media Day?  I know I am.  We'll give you updated content throughout the day so stay tuned.