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Filed under: talks with Avery Bradley, Gerald Wallace, and Jared Sullinger

  • Avery Bradley calls Brad Stevens a "basketball junkie."  He's the second person to say that about their new head coach.
  • Lots of sports cliches from Gerald Wallace: "backs against the wall," "you can only go up from here," etc.  I'm really hoping this guy doesn't come in with this kind of lackadaisical attitude.  Crash was an All Star a few years ago and used to be a hard hat, blue collar player.  That's pure Celtics.  Bring it, Gerald.
  • Wallace looks forward to playing with Rondo.  Loves his style/attitude.
  • Jared Sullinger has been cleared for full contact since mid-August.  His bulging disc was giving him problems on the right side of his body and that's gone now.
  • Sully, like pretty much everybody at Media Day, envisions the Celtics as a fast, athletic team.
  • Sully refers to his rookie season as a year in "Garnett University."  Awesome.
  • Sully speaks high of Kelly Olynyk.