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  • Per Humphries, there's a tote board in the locker room on who would win in a fight: Rondo or Humphries? They're tied right now.
  • This is the earliest that Hump has been back before training camp.  He wanted to be part of Celtics' winning culture as soon as possible.
  • Humphries highlights the athleticism and versatility of the roster.  Talked a lot about the team getting out and running and hitting the offensive glass.  That's a big departure from Doc Rivers' system and philosophy.
  • Rondo did not talk to Derrick Rose at all about rehab.
  • Rondo claims he's "right on schedule," whatever that means...
  • Rondo sees himself (along with Bogans, Green, and Bass) as the leaders of the team, but also saw himself as a leader even when Pierce and Garnett were here.  "I've been the point guard of the team for the last seven years."
  • What did he learn from Pierce and KG in terms of leadership?  "Hard work speaks for itself.  Talk is cheap."