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Boston Celtics Daily Links - 9/4

Herald  Sullinger issues an apology following his arraignment
Suns, Michael Beasley agree to terminate contract
C’s Jared Sullinger apologizes, pleads not guilty in domestic assault case
Globe  Celtics pleads not guilty to assault charges
CelticsGreen  Update: Details of Sullinger Arraignment
Statements from Jared Sullinger and the Celtics
Bassy Part 2?
CelticsBlog  "Blessed to bless," Damen Bell-Holter provides inspiration for children around the world
Say it ain't so Sully - sorting through the Jared Sullinger arrest
Summer Boredcast - worst case scenario

ESPN  Sullinger must clean up mess
Lex Nihil Novi  Hawks Post Seven Players in Double Figures, Crush Celtics
Pitino, Duncan, and the leprechaun
Red's Army  Gary Payton is a Rajon Rondo fan
Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics (and the NBA) are social media heavyweights
Celtics Life  What the Hell Happened to...Kevin Pritchard?
CSNNE  Report: Sullinger hires Hernandez lawyers
Police: Sullinger girlfriend had visible red marks
Bell-Holter coming from Alaskan home to C's camp

Bleacher Report   Everything You Need to Know About 2013 Basketball Hall of Fame Class
Truth on Causeway  Our Summer Truths #7
What happened, Jared?
Funny Thoughts On Training Camp
Mass Live  Sebastian Telfair drawing interest from Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs
Jared Sullinger arrested: Boston Celtics forward apologizes, says 'experience was humbling and embarrassing'
Damen Bell-Holter says coach Brad Stevens pushed for him
NESN  Jay-Z Takes Care of Roc Nation Conflict of Interest by Selling Nets Shares to Jason Kidd
Report: Lamar Odom Spent More Than $50,000 on Cocaine Over Three Years
Bill Russell’s Underappreciated Greatness, Red Auerbach’s Maneuvering Among Top 10 Things Every Celtics Fan Should Know  A Look at the Legends: Antoine Walker

Valley Breeze  VIDEO: Celtics visit is dream come true for North Providence's KJ Ricci
Rant Sports  Boston Celtics Need Kris Humphries, Like It Or Not
English CRI    Kevin Garnett Arrives in Beijing to Start China Tour
Hoop Group  J.R. Smith and Paul Pierce: "The War of Words"
Pro Basketball Talk  Magic to baby Glen Davis as he returns from foot injury
Yahoo  The Rise and Fall of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics
Bullets Forever  Path to the Playoffs: The Wizards and the Celtics