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Danny Ainge Interviewed by Bill Simmons: Talks Rondo, KG, Pierce, Doc


Bill Simmons interviewed Danny Ainge in an hour-long interview on his podcast, "The B.S. Report." You can listen to that interview by clicking here.

I'm unable to listen to the entire interview right now, but I will update this post with excerpts and quotes as people tweet about it.

Simmons podcast: 60 minutes with Ainge - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston
3. Doc’s departure: Was Ainge disappointed with how Doc Rivers’ exit played out?

"I understand the Clippers have much more to offer right now than we do on the court,” Ainge said. “I just thought that Doc wanted to participate with me and Wyc [Grousbeck] and Pags [Stephen Pagliuca] in continuing to try to rebuild this thing as we had done before. But at the same time understand that that's not fun, and that’s not fun on coaches.

“Once Doc made that clear that that was something he was interested in, I think we had a very rational and reasonable conversation and if there could be a situation that would work for everybody that we would consider doing that. That's when we started that conversation, when he let it be known that that was something he would consider and that he really didn’t have a desire to rebuild."

Ainge also said he didn’t think it was fair to say Rivers quit on the Celtics, adding he would be the first one to give him a standing ovation when he returns as an opposing coach.

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