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CelticsBlog is Looking for a Video Producer for The Garden Report

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Celtics Blog and CLNS Radio are looking for the next producer of The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show.

CLNS Radio and CelticsBlog are looking for a Celtics Locker Room Video Producer for the 2013-2014 season. The producer will work directly with the CLNS Locker Room Reporter and be responsible for producing The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show from each Celtics home game as well as CLNS Radio’s video coverage of pre- and post-game locker room interviews. The producer will film interviews, press conferences and reports in the TD Garden; edit and produce those videos; and post them to CLNS Radio, Celtics Blog and SB Nation.

- Filming, editing and producing player/coach interviews, press conferences and CLNS reports at each Celtics home game (including the pre-season and possible postseason).
- Filming, editing and producing The Garden Report: Celtics Post Game Show after each game in the Garden.
- Working each Celtics home game for the entire season.
- Writing summaries to accompany videos on YouTube and video posts to CLNS Radio and partner sites Celtics Blog and SB Nation.
- Preparing content and segments during the game.
- Working with the Locker Room Reporter to produce and direct The Garden Report and capture all interviews, press conferences and stories.

- Prior experience in field reporting/video production preferred.
- Proficiency in professional video production (Final Cut, Avid, etc.)
- Must provide your own laptop capable of professional video production, preferably a unibody MacBook Pro. Must have high-speed internet at home capable of uploading 1-3 GB videos within a couple hours (at least 200 KB/s upload speed). All video/audio equipment and software will be provided.
- Extensive knowledge of the Celtics and the NBA.
- Ability to write short summaries and headlines in a timely manner.
- Capability to work in a high-paced and high-pressure environment. There are very small timeframes to produce content throughout the pre- and post-game segments, which require an intense attention to detail and the ability to juggle multiple tasks.
- Applicant must be able to work late nights most Wednesday and Friday nights. Celtics home games are typically on Wednesday, Friday and (sometimes) Sunday nights at 7:30 PM. The producer will arrive at the stadium 90 minutes before tip and typically leave 2-3 hours after the game is over. Depending on computer and internet speeds, the final uploading of The Garden Report will typically be done overnight after going to bed with all posts scheduled for posting in the morning.

This position is on an unpaid volunteer basis. However, the producer is welcome to participate in CLNS Radio’s advertising commission program, which allows you to earn commission on ad sales you recruit to CLNS.

How to Apply:
Send your resume, cover letter, writing and video sample to CLNS Radio Celtics Locker Room Reporter Jared Weiss at