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Rajon Rondo denies that he has a target date in mind

Well that rumor didn't last long.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

So much for having a target date locked in.

Brad Stevens also shot down the rumor.

Brad Stevens on report Rajon Rondo has targeted next week for Boston Celtics return: 'News to me' |

"News to me. That’s what I would say. I have not heard that from him or from anybody that would have that information," Stevens said before meeting the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. "We’ve never talked about a specific date. It’s been, ‘Hey, when you feel like you’re close then we’ll talk at that point. I’ve never talked to him about that, nor have I heard from our organization that there’s a date that’s been targeted."

Rondo might still suit up against the Lakers, but apparently nobody is willing to go on the record with a target date.

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