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Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks traded to Golden State

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The Boston Celtics have traded guards Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks in a three-way deal to the Golden State Warriors, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Golden State will send point guard Toney Douglas to the Miami Heat, who will then deal center Joel Anthony and two protected draft picks to the Celtics.

Deal Breakdown

This deal is quite simple, despite the number of players and draft picks being exchanged:

Boston receives Golden State receives Miami receives
C Joel Anthony (f/MIA) G Jordan Crawford (f/BOS) PG Toney Douglas (f/GS)
*Protected 2014 or 2015 1st Round Pick (f/PHI via MIA) G MarShon Brooks (f/BOS) ---
2016 2nd Round Draft Pick (f/MIA) --- ---

The protected first round draft pick Boston acquires is originally from Philadelphia. For the 2014 and 2015 draft, it's protected from picks 1 through 14. In other words, if the 76ers are in the draft lottery in either of those seasons, they will keep their first rounder. If that happens, the pick will then turn into a 2015 second round draft pick.

To be clear, the 76ers must make the playoffs in either 2014 or 2015 for the Celtics to receive a first rounder, otherwise it will turn into two second round picks, one from Miami, and the other from Philadelphia. The 76ers are currently three games back from the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.


The implications of this deal for Boston are significant. With Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks gone, it opens the door for rookie point guard Phil Pressey to receive heavy playing time behind Rajon Rondo. Jerryd Bayless, who was recently acquired from Memphis, could also be a fixture on the team going forward -- potentially past this season.

Danny Ainge must be betting on the 76ers to make the playoffs next year, otherwise all he receives in return are two second rounders, some cap space, and a stiff center in Joel Anthony. But maybe that's the point, and Ainge is fine with thinning out the Celtics' backcourt if it means cutting salary and opening up roster spots. If Anthony declines his option of $3.8 million for next season, it will then open up money to resign a player like Avery Bradley to a long-term extension.

Personally, I love the deal for the Celtics. Anthony has a player option for the 2014/15 season, but I am going to assume he'll decline it, so he is essentially an expiring contract. Crawford and Brooks do have potential, but if I'm Boston, I look at the amount of draft picks coming in the next few years, and I realize that those two players are expendable.

The salary cap room is much more important than two potential quality players, when there will be more of those going to Boston from the draft in the coming years.

Golden State, despite their strong starting backcourt duo of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, lack depth at the position. The acquisition of Crawford and Brooks will provide them with two more young scorers that also have upside.

For Miami, they will save over $10 million in salary and luxury tax after cutting Joel Anthony loose. On the court, I'm not exactly sure what Tony Douglas brings to the table. They already have Norris Cole playing backup point guard, but at the least, it does bolster their depth.

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