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Welcome to Boston Joel Anthony

Remember him?

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Looking at today's trade, a lot of attention is (rightly) being paid to the draft picks and the outgoing players.  However, the one active player that will be coming in and suiting up for the Celtics has only really been talked about in terms of his contract length.

So let us take a moment and look at Joel Anthony.  Can he play basketball still?  Will he be in the active rotation?  I haven't the foggiest idea honestly.  He's only played 37 minutes all season long in Miami.  He had essentially been replaced in the rotation by Chris Andersen a while ago and has been biding his time ever since.

But that's on the 2 time defending champion Miami Heat.  This is the rebuilding Boston Celtics.  I'd imagine Sullinger, Humphries, Olynyk, and Bass will continue rotating in the big man spots.  So Anthony might be battling Vitor Faverani for playing time.

So what's his game like? (In case you don't remember him from the Miami days when he actually played)  Here's an old article on him (lots in there if you are interested) and a blurb on what to expect from him.

Joel Anthony: the spectacle who works - Miami Heat Index Blog - ESPN

The one thing you learn from watching Anthony every day is that he’s actually a very productive basketball player -- just not through the lens of the box score. Point guards can’t turn the corner on a pick-and-roll because of him. Post players can’t get around him on the block. Penetrators can’t get a good look at the rim. These effects are all important. But in the age of the box score, Anthony’s contributions are often left in the dark.

So how will he look in Boston?  Can Stevens and his staff find ways to utilize his intangible talents?  Or will he find himself buried on another bench - except on a team with slightly dimmer playoff hopes?  We'll see soon enough.

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