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Rajon Rondo trade "rumors" - conflicting reports, bad trade ideas, and my increasing annoyance

Make it stop. I know it won't stop. Just make it stop.

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As predicted, the Rajon Rondo trade buzz is starting up again.  I can't even call it "rumors" because there are no actual rumors.  Just buzz, or chatter, or voices in peoples heads for all I know.

Here's what I wrote just a few days ago (Jan 16).

Build around Rajon Rondo; don't trade him - CelticsBlog

Yet you'll still hear Chad Ford and many, many others trotting out the same old story about Rondo being available.  The support for this line of thinking is "GMs around the league get the feeling that he'll be dealt."

Here's what Mitch Lawrence of Daily News wrote a couple days ago (Jan. 18).

Rajon Rondo likely on the move as Boston Celtics continue to stockpile picks - NY Daily News

More than a few GMs around the league expect Rondo to be on the move, if not at the trading deadline next month, then maybe in June at draft time.

(Exaggerated sigh)

For all I know, Mitch's source was Chad Ford (who said the original quote in his chat last week).  That's not a rumor, that's trolling for clicks.

Look, I get it.  Copy must be sold.  Rondo is a big name and he's been in rumors before and he probably will be again.  But there's no rumor there.  Just a gut feeling from other GMs who have no specific insight into the Celtics plans.

The problem is that columns like that spawn "trade idea" posts like this from Sam Amico.  I don't have anything against Sam personally, but that's just cringe-worthy.  None of the ideas make any sense to me and most of them are so vague as to render them useless.  Rubio? Gasol? Terrence Jones???  Waiving around the term "draft picks" to bridge the gap just doesn't cut it.

On the flipside, we actually do have a rumor with specific information that makes a whole lot of sense. (Read the whole column if you haven't already)

The Baseline: Rondo, Celtics planning on staying together, focused on 2015 - NBA - Sporting News

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, dating back to the end of last June, when the Celtics began their rebuilding project in earnest by trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, management was in contact with Rondo about the team’s long-term plan. And it is only a small coincidence that the Celtics’ long-term plan dovetails nicely with Rondo’s long-term plan — both are focused on the summer of 2015.

Now we're talking.  And not just because it aligns with what I want to happen.  There's a logical plan that is both flexible and smart.  If things work out with Rondo and the team can build a team around him, everyone wins.  If for some reason things don't work out well on either side, then there's a chance to make changes leading up to 2015.

You see, I'm not a complete Rondo apologist.  I can see the rationale behind trading him.  I just don't think you can get equal value for him and it makes a lot more sense to see what you can do around him going forward.

To better illustrate my position, I came up with the following venn diagram (apologies for the handwriting).

I could see a trade happening in the offseason if Ainge could find value that actually makes sense for his team.  In part because GMs are more willing to make franchise altering moves in the summer and also because we'll know where teams are locked into the draft.

It makes little sense to move Rondo for nickles on the dollar right now just so you can grab a couple more ping pong balls headed up to the draft.  But that won't stop the vague-wanna-be-rumor articles from surfacing. So I'm going to have to white knuckle my way through trade season.

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