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Avery Bradley out "a couple of weeks"

Gary Washburn of the Globe is reporting that Avery Bradley will miss some time with an ankle sprain in last night's Heat game.

Drew Hallowell

Here's the evidence from RedsArmy's mrtripledouble10.  Doesn't look too bad as AB rolls it inward rather than the more painful outward sprain, but nonetheless, he'll take some time off.  Let's say that translates to two weeks.  With the Celtics' front loaded schedule at the beginning of the year, that only means seven games over the next 14 days.  Unfortunately, that includes this Sunday's reunion with KG and Pierce.  Is this Tanking 101?  Maybe.  Bradley's a tough kid and if this was the playoffs, he'd probably gut it out.  Thankfully, it's the right ankle and not the left ankle he had surgery on his rookie year.  With Jerryd Bayless still on the mend, the emergence of Chris Johnson last night and the recent signing of Vander Blue will probably mean plenty of time for the pair of 10-day contractors.

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