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Boston Celtics feeling the cold, inside and outside of the Garden

Winter truly arrived Thursday in Boston, but the Celtics have been feeling the cold inside the stadium for weeks now.

BOSTON - It's been cold. Very, very cold. With the Bruins playing games after the Celtics for the past several weeks, the temperature inside the TD Garden has been noticeably low. But with the arctic frost coming in, the Garden is as cold as ever.

"It's freezing out [on the court]," Courtney Lee said before facing the New Orleans Pelicans. "Today was probably the coldest it's been since I've been here. I was out there with a hoodie on today man. It's pretty cold. We need to do something about that."

"In my case, I gotta sit down for the first eight minutes of the game," Lee told CLNS Radio. "So, I don't know what I'm going to do. I gotta find something to do. A couple of heat packs and it will be alright."

But is it the coldest arena in the league?

"Chicago was cold last night, but I would say yes."

Gerald Wallace, who hails from Alabama, isn't a fan of the cold, but he has a strategy to beat it. "I'm usually bundled up [on the bench] and then once you get in, your momentum, the energy from the body gets you going. So it makes you kind of get warm really quick. I think the tough thing is coming out of the game, you gotta keep a hot pack to keep you warm."

But he doesn't like being cold, ever. "I don't like being cold period anyway," Wallace told CLNS Radio. "So just stay warm and keep your body at a temperature.

"If you get cold, you're gonna get stiff. You don't wanna be stiff coming in and out of the game. So once you get going, try to keep your body warm and keep it loose."

The Celtics record has frozen over as they fell to 13-19 Thursday night against the Bulls, but they have one chance to reverse momentum at home before a brutal west coast road trip.

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